Hannah's Heart

In the end, her heart was the strongest of all.


2. Chapter Two

C H A P T E R   T W O




    “I’m so bored. Do you hear me? Bored. That’s right.” Hannah addressed her wall very seriously, her feet leaning against it, and her back on her bed. “You can’t talk. You have an extraordinarily interesting life. You see everything in the house. You see me getting changed. Huh. Thank goodness you’re a non-sentient slab of plaster, eh?” Hannah let the breath out of her mouth in a melodic moan. 

“Hey Hannah- woah, are you okay?”

    Hannah tilted her head backwards to fully view the silhouette at her door. “Oh, hey Jamie. I’m fine. Just being bored.”

    Jamie nodded, visibly relieved. “Okay then. Hey, I just wanted to tell you that I’m going out for about an hour and a half. Mark and I are going to the cinema.”

    “I wondered why you were up so early in the afternoon.”

    “Ha ha.”

    “Glad I can make you happy.”

Jamie rolled his eyes, then became serious once more, jiggling his keys in his hand. “You can come with us if you don’t feel great.”

    “I’m fine.”

    “Or I can stay here. I can do that. That would be okay.”

    “I’m fine.”

    “Or I could take you and drop you off at the library-”

    “Jamie Grace, I am fine.” Hannah swung round on her bed do she faced her brother. “Go and have a nice time with Mark. Don’t worry about me. Have lots of ice cream. Bring me food. Okay?”

    Jamie jiggled his keys even harder. “I really don’t feel happy-”

    “Jamie. I’ll take my pills at regular intervals. I’ll call you if anything happens. I shall be the finest girl in all of England. Seriously.” Hannah smiled at her brother.

    Jamie nodded. then turned sharply and raced down the stairs, as if forcing himself away. Hannah watched him go, then turned back to her bed. She had some serious boredom to catch up on.

    Or not. The kitchen door swung closed, signalling that she now had the house all to herself. She logged on to her computer, lying as she had been yesterday- on her stomach with her legs in the air. The internet opened immediately, straight onto Blogdot. Hannah scrolled down her page, her breathing a little off.


i0|iV3 11th November (4 minutes ago): You there, friend?


    Friend? Friend? Seriously? Who did that? Hannah smiled, and tapped a reply.


Hannah_says_hey 11th November: Yep. What’s up?

i0|iV3 11th November: Define up.


        Woah. That was fast.


Hannah_says_hey 11th November: Are you stalking me?

i0|iV3 11th November: Define stalking.

Hannah_says_hey 11th November: Ugh.

i0|iV3 11th November: So?

Hannah_says_hey 11th November: So what?

i0|iV3 11th November: Define up. And stalking. Define that too.

Hannah_says_hey 11th November: Um. The… not gravity direction?

i0|iV3 11th November: I concur with that definition.

Hannah_says_hey 11th November: Okay, this is getting weird. Who are you? Why are you commenting on my blog?

i0|iV3 11th November: I’m friendly.  

Hannah_says_hey 11th November: Ha.

i0|iV3 11th November: And lonely. Come visit me. 


    Oh God. He really is a pedophile.


Hannah_says_hey 11th November: I’m going to report you.

i0|iV3 11th November: St Christopher Hospital.

Hannah_says_hey 11th November: What?

i0|iV3 11th November: You can come if you want. Room 10b. I get lonely. It’d be nice to have company.


    The iOlive icon went grey, signalling that Oliver was no longer online. Hannah pushed her laptop away and walked to her window.

    St Christopher Hospital was one block away. She could see people filing in and out, and could even see into some of the rooms. Her parents had thought it prudent to live near a hospital with her heart so dodgy. Hannah rubbed her hands together nervously. 

    On one hand, a hospital was safe. There were lots of people, and she could look into room 10b before going in. On the other, iOlive could be waiting outside with chloroform at the ready. It only took Hannah a few moments to reach her decision.

    She picked up her coat, pocketed a few pills from Jamie’s room, and headed out into the Great Outside. 

    Hannah froze as her foot landed on the top step. What if it really was a set up to get her in a vulnerable position? Hannah gulped, and lingered. It was only the lure of the warmth of the sun on her face that made her take the first few steps outside. 

    Almost immediately, she began to feel more… alive. The sun was at that lovely midmorning stage where it made everything look light and beautiful and the houses were nestled quaintly in the rich green grass, settled like ducks on the edge of a river. Hannah took a deep breath of air, and set off in the direction of the hospital. 



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