Somebody To You

*This is the second and final book to Kidnapped by Jason McCann*
It's been three years since Hope and Jason have seen or heard from each other, but Jason wants his fiance and child back. Hope lives with her younger brother Max and daughter Fay. Will destiny bring them together? (READ TO FIND OUT MORE)


6. Lost


Her normally calm and pleasant demeanor slowly changed and her face contorted in an all - consuming anger; she opened her eyes and gave Jason a death stare. Her face was glazed for a split-second, her lips pursed together and her eyes unblinking at the moment. If her eyes were a weapon, the piercing look in then could have caused serious destruction. 

Her hands closed into fists as he moved closer to her. As he touched her face tears began to pour out of her eyes as she remembered the memories they shared.  

"No." She whispered, thinking that she would fall back into his trap. He pulled her closer to him, wanting to hug her. "Stay away from me!" She yelled trying to get out of his grip but he held her small wrist tighter. 

As she tried to run away from him again, he backed her up against a brick wall. 

Hope's P.O.V

"Listen to me." He said harshly. I stared at his eyes which lost the spark and looked dull. 

I sighed to myself knowing that he wouldn't leave me alone. 

"What do you want, why can't you leave me alone?" I mumbled. 

"I love you." He said, letting go of my wrists, which burned. 

"Sure you fucking do. That's why you cheated on me." I replied.

"I was drunk!" He yelled making me flinch. Realizing the time I had to pick Fay and Max up from school. 

"Look, I've got to go." I said lightly pushing him away from me. 

"I'll won't give up on you, no matter how long it takes." He yelled as I ran away from him. 


"Yeah, I'll pick him up on Sunday, thanks." I said to Megan. 

Max, was staying at his friends house for two days which Fay was disappointed about. 

"Mommy, can we go shopping?" I heard her yell from her bedroom. 

"Sure, princess." 


"Fay, you can't run off and you have to stay with me at all times, okay baby?" I said in a stern voice as she nodded. 

"Good-girl," I said as I held her hand.

"Hope!" I heard a high pitched voice say from behind me. 

"Hey Layla!" I said as I embraced her in a hug. 

"So how have things been?" She asked, looking worried. 

"Everything's fine." I said while putting a fake smile on.

"Okay, that's good." She said looking relieved. 

"Well I have to go and find Matt, I'll see you on Monday?" She said while giving me another hug.

"Yeah sure."

As Layla walked off, I noticed that Fay was nowhere to be seen!

Jason's P.O.V

Sitting down on the bench, I noticed a small family, looking carefree. I envied them, wanting the happiness they had. As I put my hands in my head, I felt someone poke me. I turned around to notice a small girl. She was so cute and I felt a weird connection with her.

"Whats wrong?" She asked as she stared at me with her big blue eyes. 

"Nothing sweetie, where are your mom and dad?" I asked as I looked around.

"I don't have a daddy but my I've lost my mommy." She said as her eyes began to fill with tears.

"I'll help you find your mom, darling. I said as I held her tiny hand."


Hey a/n OMG Jason has found Fay!!! Please like my story and give me some reviews :) xxx


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