Somebody To You

*This is the second and final book to Kidnapped by Jason McCann*
It's been three years since Hope and Jason have seen or heard from each other, but Jason wants his fiance and child back. Hope lives with her younger brother Max and daughter Fay. Will destiny bring them together? (READ TO FIND OUT MORE)


2. 3 years ago

Jason's P.O.V

I stared at the letter as the paper felt as if it was burning into my fingertips and like it was on fire and peeling away my skin. I felt a hollow feeling in my stomach, I felt empty like a statue, and I felt worthless, I was nothing not after I had read her letter. The one she unmistakably meant to give to me and the and the one she wrote to me after she saw us. 

I read through it one more time as I angrily wiped away the unwanted tears that ran down my cheeks.

Dear Jason, 

I loved you, I still do even if my mind doesn't allow me too. You taught me two things about love- it takes sacrifices and trust to keep the gears of love churning, I gave you my heart but you played with it. I took a chance with you and was willing to give up my dreams I've worked on all my life of going to university and having a future of my own. I still remember walking into that room and you were naked with her and somehow I had the strength not to cry or yell at you. You slept with another girl and cheated on me but it doesn't matter now because I have a child growing inside me.I want you to forget about us and leave us alone forever,You are now my past.



I ignored the last line, I would never forget Hope. I have to find her, I thought to myself as I called Alex. 

"Hey bro, what's up?" I heard him say as I stared at the dried tear marks on the letter. 

"She's gone, I messed up, I've hurt her so much!" I yelled as I grabbed the nearest object which was a lamp and threw it across the floor. 

"I need her." I croaked out as I pulled my hair in pain and anger. 

"I'll be right there, we'll find her." I heard him say. 


Hey a/n this chapter is really short, they will be much longer and I'm going to try and update regularly :) xx



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