Alexandria Winchester

Alexandria Winchester


2. The Girl With The Silver Blade

The year was 2014, current day. Dean again sat in a bar in Tampa, Florida. The bartender didn't work there anymore, and Dean didn't even remember her, so it didn't matter. Dean looked at his watch, wondering how much time he had before Sammy would be annoying and call him.

There was another bartender there, but it was a man, and Dean wasn't looking for a hookup anyways. All Dean wanted was to finish this God damned case he was working. He was hunting a shapeshifter. Dean was wearing his suit, and he was pretending to be Special Agent Hudson.

"'Nother beer for ya?" The bartender asked, his accent Irish.

"No, thanks. On the clock." He smiled. The bartender nodded and Dean stood up and left the building.

His phone rang.

He answered. "Hey, Sammy, what's up?" Dean asked.

"Dude, you need to get here, now." Was all Sam said, then he hung up.

"What the hell, Sammy!" He exclaimed, climbing into the still gorgeous '67 Chevy Impala. Their motel was only a couple blocks away.

Dean arrived at the motel and entered through the front door and a young girl was sitting there. Dean looked at Sam.


"Who the hell is that?" Dean asked. Sam looked at me.

"My name is Alexandria. Alex for short. I'm from here and my mom's name is Allana. And I'm your daughter." I smiled sarcastically.

"I don't have any kids. What the hell are you?" Dean asked.

"Dean, I think she's telling the truth. She checks out, the whole deal. Salt, holy water, even silver." Sam defended.

"I don't even know an Allana. And how old are you anyways?" Dean said.

"I'm 14, you asshole. And yes you do know an Allana," I gestured to myself. "Obviously."

"So how did this happen?! 14 years ago and I'm hearing about you now?" Dean hissed.

"Well what happened was first, you banged my mom, second, you left. Now? I'm the product." I replied with the most sarcasm in the world.

"She definitely sounds like she could be your daughter," Sam replied, raising his eyebrow.

"Shuddup, Sammy. How do I know you're really my daughter?" Dean asked.

I pulled folded up papers out of my purse. Ah, Dean's favorite, blood tests.

"'re really my daughter..." Dean stated, frowning.

"Sorry to disappoint." I smirked. Dean looked over at me.

"The bartender, yep I see it now. Met her at that bar I was just at, she had the best way of getting me to-"

"Hey, graphic images don't agree with 14 year olds." I said, covering my eyes with my hands.

"Sorry, Alex." Dean murmured. A whoosh of angel wings was heard behind Dean and the three of the looked at Castiel.

"Who the hell is this?" I asked. "And how the hell did he get in here?"

"Don't worry, Alex, this is Cas. He's a friend." Dean replied. I could've sworn I saw Cas flinch at the word "friend".

"Yeah, uh huh." I tilted my head at Cas, and then I realized. "Well, uh, what is he? Because I know almost every single supernatural creature to walk this here earth, and he ain't one of 'em."

"My name is Castiel. I'm an angel of The Lord." Cas said. I looked at Dean and raised my eyebrow. Dean nodded in response. Cas frowned at me. Did he know I knew about him? About what that flinch was about?

"Well, nice meeting you, Cas." I smiled.

"Wish I could say the same for you." Cas replied sassily.

"Bro, what the hell, that was uncalled for." I hissed, standing up. I let the blade drop that was in my sleeve. It was a silver blade with a pink hilt. Dean raised an eyebrow at me. "Hunting doesn't always have to be ugly." Was my reply.

"Where did you get that?" Cas flinched at the blade.

"Well I found this sword thingy and I melted it down 'cause it was ugly and now it's this. Why, you scared?" I hissed.

"Dean, can I speak with you?" Castiel asked, gesturing towards the other side of the room. Dean nodded and followed him.

They weren't very quiet, I could hear them perfectly.

"What is it?"

"It's an Angelic Blade, Dean. That thing is dangerous for her. She cannot have it." Castiel replied.

"Well you pissed her off, not me. And you're just scared because she could stab you. Not gonna though cause I would break her arm first but..." Dean ranted.

"Excuse me?!" I hissed. Neither of them looked away from each other. I leaned over to Sam. "Are they gay for each other?" Sam choked on his pepsi.

"Deny it, but probably, yeah." Sam replied, still laughing. Did I do something wrong? "They've got this 'Profound bond' because he pulled Dean out of hell-"

"Wait, like Satan and demons?!" I asked. Sam nodded.

"Yes, I know. I've been locked in a box with Satan...but that's a story for another time." Sam replied. I was confused.

"I have one hell of a family..." I whispered, in shock of the news that my uncle had met Satan. "What's Satan like? I mean is he as evil as everyone says?" It was a weird question, I know, but it was something that popped into my mind.

"Um, well, I don't know...he's corrupt, but he's an angel."

"So he's sweet?"

"No, a literal angel." Sam told her.

"Oh, that makes a lot of sense." I replied

"Okay, Alex, give me the blade." Dean said, looking at me, holding his hand out.

"Like Hell I'm giving my baby to you!" I hissed. Sam held back a laugh.

"Your baby?" Dean asked, raising his eyebrow.

"My blade is my baby. I made her myself." I told him. Castiel hid his smile. Dean shook his head, giving up.

"Give it to him now, before I fillet your skin off your back." Castiel growled.

"You're cute when you're angry." I winked at Cas. He frowned.

"Was that a flirtation?"

"Of course it was I'm 14." I rolled my eyes.

"Hey, Alex, not gonna happen." Dean laughed.

"Oh, I know. 'Cause you two are gonna happen." I said. Dean looked at me, then at Cas, then back at me.

"Hey, I'm not gay." Dean retorted. I stood up and walked over to him. I patted him on the back.

"I'd bet my blade on it." I whispered in his ear. He glared at me. Cas, being a bit nicer in his words, looked at me as if he heard me.

I was pretty tall, about 5'6 and still growing, but still had to stand on my tip toes to whisper in Dean's ear. It was funny, his glare was evil.

"You're gonna get taller, right?" Dean asked. I smacked his arm.

"Shuddup." I hissed. He was about 6'1 and my mom was 5'11, so I think I'll be pretty tall. There was something about Dean that I don't know what, but it felt that way.

"Oh, and one more thing..." I added, walking towards the door. "I forgot to mention Dakota..." I opened the door and walked out. Tied to one of the poles sat my giant Goldendoodle (cross between a golden retriever and a poodle) and she got really excited to see me. I took the leash off the pole and walked back in.

"Oh, hell no! Not in the impala! No dogs in the impala." Dean said, raising his arms.

"Screw that, I'm not leaving Dakota behind. She helps me with hunts. It's either me and Dakota, or we'll go off and hunt on our own."

"You're not going anywhere. And what the hell kind of dog is that?" Dean exclaimed.

"A Goldendoodle, you asshole." I hissed. Nobody is going to make fun of her.

"I see. So it is a Gold and Doodle hybrid. How is this a dog?" Castiel tilted his head in confusion. I held back a laugh.

"It's a Golden Retriever and Poodle mix." I let out my laugh.

"Oh..." Cas replied, frowning. "But how...Poodles are small dogs and if they were female, then it wouldn't be big enough to carry the puppies, and if it was male, it isn't tall enough to reach the females-"

"Cas, that's enough." Dean said, face-palming.

"But I was just-"

"No, Cas, you're good, you don't have to explain any further." I nodded, smiling at him. I glared at dean again. I couldn't believe Castiel, he was amazing in every sense of the term. I mean, not only was he attractive, but he was funny, maybe not on purpose, but he was.

Sam Winchester was awesome, my uncle. While Dean and Cas stood in the corner, talking some more, Sam and I just made bets on who would come out first, Adam Milligan (who was apparently my half-uncle and stuck in the cage with Lucifer) out of the cage, or Dean and Cas out of the closet. I bet less than a week, he bet less than a month.

Dean Winchester. This man, this person, who was supposed to be my father, we had the same personality, Hell, I even had his eyes, but he wasn't all I thought he would be.

In the hunting world, people said Dean Winchester cares about nobody besides Sam Winchester, but it looks to me that he's pretty close to Cas (if you know what I mean) and he would do anything to protect him. I saw that, but I didn't see the cruel, inhumane person they said he was.

Dean Winchester was nice, kind and open hearted.

Dean Winchester was my father.

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