Alexandria Winchester

Alexandria Winchester


13. How to Open The Cage for Dumbies

Alex POV

This is it. I'm finally going to complete God's mission. His mission, now finally clear, was to free Lucifer and Michael. But the only part that's not part of the mission was me taking their grace. I can't wait to feel the power surge through my veins.

"Alex, are you okay?" Sam asked, I looked toward him.

"Of course. Where's Ruby? Shall we go to the entrance or are we just going to rot here?" I replied. Almost as if it were a command, Ruby opened the back door, sitting down.

"She with us?" Ruby asked.

"Yes. But my conditions stand. Betray me, and you all die." I told her. She doubted me, I could tell, and she'll continue to doubt me until I prove her wrong. I hated being in the car now. It was ridiculous how much flying was much easier. Driving was containing and slow.

"Where are we even going?" Ruby asked. She didn't know and it was irritating. Planning on opening the cage without knowing where it is. Like, oh, you have an evil plan? So where is it supposed to happen? You don't know? Well, shit how are you going to do the deed?!

"You don't know?" I rolled my eyes. Ruby glared at me. "Don't be a bitch. You may have ol' Sammy here," I punched him lightly on the arm. "On a tight leash, but I don't got no collar, I will kill you, sooner or later."

"We had a deal. If demons can't go back on their deals, neither can angels." Ruby complained.

"Oh, Ruby, you are a bitch and stupid? Not a good combo. I thought you'd have realized that rules don't necessarily apply to me, now do they?" I sarcastically smiled at her. Ruby rolled her eyes. "Ruby, don't roll your eyes at me, that's impolite." I frowned.

"Sam, where the hell are we even going?" Ruby asked.

"Chicago, Illinois."

"Oh, we take a couple days to drive there in stead of me flying us there. What the hell, guys?" I said. I was irritated. "I'm gonna go. See you in Chicago." I waved, flying out of the car.



"Why does she always do that? Why does she think she's head bitch?" Ruby hissed, popping into the front seat.

"Because in this situation, she is. Ruby, don't do anything stupid. It's like she can read minds. This is crazy. I swear, if you do anything shitty, I will ask her to kill you." I ranted. She smirked, looking at me.

"You're hot when you're angry." She half-smiled. I frowned, glaring at her.

"Shuddup, Ruby."


Dean POV

Is it possible pray to a broken angel? Alex was started to worry me. I tried her cell, and she did not answer. I'm still her father, I'm going to worry. God didn't create her I did. So screw you, why'd you make her an angel?

"What's wrong, Dean?" Cas asked, frowning. Cas, though not really technology savvy, was not just a broken angel, but a fallen one.

"Cas, where's Alex?" I countered with another question.

"She's opening the cage, Dean." Cas replied, still sifting through his magazine.

"And we aren't doing anything why...?"

"Because it's God's will for the Cage to open." Castiel said. My eyes widened. What was he doing?

"What the hell, Cas? My daughter is going to open the cage." I hissed.

"So did your brother. God wants Alexandria to become powerful. He wants someone to take his place." Castiel replied calmly.

"So she's staying an archangel forever? All that bullshit about her becoming a human again was a lie?" I squinted, Castiel was very confusing sometimes. Okay, well all the time.

"Cas, we can't let her open the cage! Are you crazy?"

"A little, yes. And we can't stop her, so what's the point of trying? She will kill us to complete God's mission. Her brain is hardwired that way, now." Castiel was still looking at the magazine. I grabbed it out of his hands and threw it across the room. "That was rude!"

"Listen, asshat, we're not going to sit here and watch my daughter end the friggin' world. So get your angel mojo and we're going to take her down, stopping her any way how. She's not acting like Alex anymore. She's all bad ass angel and I don't like it." I said, and he glared at me for a second, then sighed.

"Dean, there's nothing we can do. Alexandria cannot be stopped. Dean you must understand that not everything that sounds bad is bad. I want you to know that if we did try to stop Alexandria, we would die...We don't have to die, Dean. Not today." Cas murmured.

"Damnit, Cas, you don't understand! My brother and my daughter are going to open the damn lock box that Satan is locked in. I can't let her. You don't know what it's like-"

"You know, Dean, I'm trying to save your life. I don't feel like following you back to Hell so I can drag you out again. Archangels are a lot more powerful then you would think. If you're going to keep sacrificing yourself, I'm not going to keep saving you. You need to realize that if we go after Alexandria we will die. We don't know how she's doing it, but she is going to open the cage, and we're going to stay here!"

"Cas, what happened to you? You'd always save someone if you had the chance!"

"Dean, God wants her to open the cage. I can't interfere!"

"Well, do it anyways!" I hissed. "I'm not going to let her open the cage. Take me there!" Cas sighed, and nodded. Finally, he's making some God damned sense. Cas put his hand on my shoulder and we appeared in an open field. "Where the hell are we?" I asked.

"Chicago, Illinois." Cas said. Alexandria was a couple meters away.

"Dean, Cas, what do you think you're doing here?" She asked.

"Stopping you." Cas said bluntly.

"You? Stop me? This is my true mission." She replied as a car drove into the field. Sam and Ruby exited the car. "Sam, Ruby, time to open the cage." She smiled as Ruby and Sam stood close to her.

"You won't win, Castiel." Alexandria whispered. She snapped, and Cas and I flinched. Ruby exploded, and Sam's eyes widened.

Alexandria snapped, and we heard a snap, and it sounded like a lock breaking on the door.

"Alex, no!" I cried. She put her hand up, and I couldn't speak.


Alex POV

I snapped again, hearing crack, crack, crack and three more after that. Opening the cage was easy. Ten more cracks and I smiled.

I snapped and the sounds filled my ears of the rest of the locks breaking, one by one.

"Michael, Lucifer, rise!" I smiled.

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