Alexandria Winchester

Alexandria Winchester


6. Heaven Is For Real


Guys, the story isn't over yet. This chapter you'll semi-enjoy.

Dean's POV

Alex was dead for a couple of days now. I can't do anything but sit by the table she's lying on, arms laying limply to her side. I was on lockdown, for Cas and Sam thought I would make a deal.

"I said I would protect you, but you died. You died right in my arms." I cried, literally. I hadn't stopped crying since she died, it was too painful.

Alex was such a sweet girl, and even though I barely had her with me, she was a part of the family that would never be forgotten. Cas hadn't stopped by since the day she died, he's taking it very hard. We let him have her phone, but he didn't use it, as far as I knew. We tried to get Cas to take her blade, only to give it to him and watch him slip it into her sleeve where she usually kept it.

"It'll be okay," Sam started, sitting down next to me, handing me a sandwich. "But do you you think it's time to bury her?"

"Say that again and I'll kill you." I choked, throwing the sandwich to Dakota, who was mourning in the same way I was. Starving and dehydrating yourself, sitting by the table where her body was.

Dakota managed to eat about half of the sandwich and curled up on the floor, whimpering.

"Dean, it's time." Sam nudged me.

"No, it's not. She'll come back." I choked. "She'll come back. Back to me." Tears came pouring out again, and Sam hugged me.

"It'll be fine. We won't bury her."

A whoosh of angel wings came, and Cas stood behind Dean, a hand on Dean's shoulder.

"Cas, where have you been?" I asked.

"Finding a way to bring her back." Cas replied. I whipped around really fast. He shook his head. "I'm sorry, Dean. She was part skinwalker. She is probably in Purga-"

"No." My voice cracked. "You say that I'll cut off your wings myself."

"I'm sorry." A tear rolled down Cas's cheek too. Alex and Cas had really bonded as friends. It must've been hard for him, too.

"Dean, you must be starving. Will you please eat something?" Cas asked me. I shook my head.

"It should've been me dying, not her. Not her, me, damnit!" I shouted.

"Dean, calm down."

"How am I supposed to be calm? My daughter is dead! If there really is a God out there, why isn't he doing anything! She was just a kid! Just a kid..." I started crying again. She was just a kid. My own words choked me up. She isn't anything anymore because she's dead.

They said she's in Purgatory. The poor girl has been through enough. Everyone who gets close to us dies. I needed to get to those crossroads and make that deal. I stood, not even bothering to grab my jacket and walked towards the front door.

"Where the hell are you going?" Cas asked, appearing in front of me.

"Making a deal. Let me leave." I growled.

"No, you're not going anywhere." Cas replied.

"Try to stop me. My daughter is in Purgatory. My daughter is in monster haven. I know what that place does to people. Let me leave." I growled.

"No, Dean." Cas said, his voice deep.

"You let me go right now." I growled, grabbing an Angelic Blade from the table besides us.

"You won't." Was all Cas said. I raised the blade and swung at Cas. He grabbed my wrist and twisted it until I dropped it.

"Damn it, Dean! I didn't want to have to do this!" Cas hissed. He placed to fingers on my forehead, and I crumpled to the ground.

Castiel POV

Damn it, Dean always had to be outright and confrontational. One day it would kill him. I placed him on the couch and sighed. He was so difficult.

Another pair of angel wings fluttered behind me.

"Balthazar." I sighed, turning around.

"Hello, brother." Was all he said.

"What could you possibly want from me?" I hissed. I'm tired of all my brothers and sisters coming to ask if I was alright. Most of the ones who showed don't like me.

"I wanted to tell you something in private, Dad himself told me to tell you."


I wish I could help Dean, I really do. Alex's death was hard for us all. I don't think he really understands that we don't need to lose him too. Dean would be willing to die on the spot if it meant bringing Alex back.

She really was too young to die, I was 23 when I first died. She's only 14...well was.

I didn't want to believe what I had seen before my very eyes.

Alexandria is extraordinarily smart girl, and it was hard to believe she may actually be in Purgatory. She was part human, but that wouldn't stop her from going to Purgatory, Dean went.

Everybody was busy mourning over her.

Dean would never get over her being dead if they didn't bury her. I would've like to have her salted and burned, but Dean wouldn't hear of it for anymore than 3 seconds. Dean was still asleep, and Cas and Balthazar had disappeared.

A flutter of wings behind me made look up.

"Hey, Cas." I said.

"Hey, Sam." the voice said. I turned around. I smiled.

"Gabriel." I replied.

"Good job, kiddo." Gabriel smiled. There was a massive bro-hug, but I was a lot taller than Gabe was so I slightly had to lean down and hug him.

"How've you been?" I asked.

"Well, okay I guess." He replied. "How are you doing?" He asked, glancing at Alex.

"Fine. It's Dean I'm worried about. He's trying to get out and make a deal. Sooner or later he'll escape." I explained. Gabriel nodded.

"He'll get over that phase soon." Gabriel spoke.

"Will he really?" I looked at Gabe, eyebrow raised.

"Honestly, kiddo? I don't know." Dean started to wake up and Gabe flew off. Dean was handcuffed to the couch.

"Sammy, let me out. I have to, Sam, I do." Dean muttered sleepily.

"You're not going anywhere, Dean.: I replied.

"Where's Cas?" Dean asked.

"He left."

"Sammy I have to go."

"Don't be selfish, Dean. Why would she want to come back in a world where her father isn't?"

"That was her world for 14 years." Dean said.

"Dean, you don't even know what you're saying. It's that bad. She just met her father and now he's going to die to bring her back? Are you trying to make her feel like shit?"

"Sam, if you don't let me go, so help me God, I will-"

"What, Dean? Stay there handcuffed? Because that's how this is gonna work!" I hissed, walking back over to sit by Dakota.

Alex POV

I was floating in a bright white room that was so white I could barely see. I looked around.

"Alexandria Marie Winchester..." A voice said.

"Yes....where am I?" I asked. I felt my stomach, but there wasn't anything there. It sure hurt like a mother, though.

"I am God, and you are in heaven." It wasn't a majestic voice or anything, but more of a drunken, wimpy voice. "Humans know me by the name of Chuck Shurley or-"

"Carver Edlund. Those books are golden by the way." I told him pointing a finger, smiling.

"Don't interupt me, Alexandria."

"Sorry...God." I said, looking down at my feet.

"You are part skinwalker, Alexandria. That's how you died. But you are special."

"Sorry, not trying to be a jerk or anything, but me? Special? Special and I don't belong in the same sentence." I laughed.

"Ah, but Alexandria, you are special. You are part monster, so I was lucky enough to get you into heaven. I have a mission for you, before you go to Earth and after you reach Earth."

"Anything." I replied.

"There is only one way I can send you back to Earth, Alexandria."



Hey guys! I thank you people who are reading this! This chapter is obviously a cliffhanger (sorry guys) and I will update as soon as possible. I hope you liked this chapter. When I'm in doubt, I just remember Bobby Singer and his words of wisdom:


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