Alexandria Winchester

Alexandria Winchester


3. Destiel?

Dean's POVs

I was driving down the road in Baby. Alex had to bring that stupid Goldenpoodle or whatever they're called along with us. I hate having dogs in my car.

Cas, Alex, and Dakota were all sitting in the back seat. Alex was asleep, leaning up against the door, Dakota laying in her lap. Earlier, Alex had given Cas her iPhone 5S to show him Flappy Bird. That son of a bitch won't put it down now. "One more time Dean, I can beat her high score." He would say, his voice strained and rusty because he wouldn't stop screaming at the game.

"Cas, maybe you should put the game down and sleep." I suggested. His hair was all ruffled and his eyes were red from staring at the screen too long. Poor dude.

"One more level, Dean! I can beat! I am an Angel of the Lord, this abomination is not going to take me down!" He hissed.

"Cas, you shouldn't be staring at that screen for that long! Give me the damn phone." I hissed.

"Dean, I pulled your ass out of perdition I think I can handle a damned game!" Cas insisted. I just sighed, shaking my head. Alex had awoken a couple minutes ago.

"Damn, he told you. How many people do you raise out of perdition? It's meant to be." She winked at him. I rolled my eyes. Why did she insist I was gay for Cas.

Well, sure, he's got those blue eyes and that black hair styled just the right way. But that's besides the point. I'm not gay for Cas.

"Shuddup, Alex, before I chuck Dakota out the window." I growled at her.

"Oh, Dean, she wouldn't fit, dumbass." She smiled teasingly.

"Don't you use that language at your father. My father would have pushed me to Earth!" Cas told her as she was taking a drink of her pepsi.

She choked a little, doing a spit take.

"Dammit, Alex! My car!" I half-yelled, half-laughed.

We drove past a sign that said 'River Pass' and I was happy.


Alex POV

We pulled into the 'River Pass Motel' (I know, such a clever name on their part, amiright?) and Dean left to check us in. Dakota will stay with me no matter what. She doesn't really need a leash. I opened the car door and Dakota followed, barking happily.

I brought her by the grass and she peed. Dakota was about 4. She was really cute, she had pink bows in her hair. She was pretty much my whole life. She likes to hunt. It's funny, really, when that cute little thing walks around, her ears flopping in the wind. Sam, Cas, Dakota and I followed Dean into our motel room.

"Hey, I'm hungry. I can't drive. Sam let's go get food." I smiled. He raised an eyebrow. I widened my eyes, gesturing for him to get his ass outside. He slightly nodded and we both walked outside.

"What the hell, Alex?" Sam asked.

"Start the car and park it in the street." I instructed.


"Do it! Now, go!" I semi-shouted. Sam did as told. He turned the engine over, it made that sound and he drove into the street, parking on the curb. He exited the Impala and walked back over to me.

"You wanna tell me what's going on?" Sam asked.

"Just give me a God damned minute, okay?" I hissed. He just sighed and nodded. Thank God he didn't feel the need to talk anymore.

We waited outside the motel room for about 7 minutes before we heard a thud on the wall. I slightly smiled, and I put a finger to my lips, Sam nodded. I slowly reached for the door knob and twisted it slightly. I slowly opened it and when I had screamed in delight.

Dean was pinned against the wall while fiercely making out with Cas.

"I knew it!" I cheered.

Dean's face quickly grew red as a tomato, and Cas released his hold and straightened his trench coat. Cas wasn't embarassed at all.

"I knew, dear lord, I figured out!" I squealed. Why was I so excited that my dad had the hots for an angel? Who knows.

"How did you know?" Dean asked, looking at his feet.

"Well it all started when...


"Don't worry, Alex, this is Cas. He's a friend." Dean replied. I could've sworn I saw Cas flinch at the word "friend".


I leaned over to Sam. "Are they gay for each other?" Sam choked on his pepsi.

"Deny it, but probably, yeah."

(End of Flashback)

Dean shook his head.

"You picked up us being gay from a couple sentences?" Dean asked. "You're too smart to be my daughter. Maybe you're Sam's daughter. Can I ask you how you did it?"

"Well sure, really. Cas flinched when you said the word friend, and so that either means that he's physically attracted to you and there's no action, or he's physically attracted to you and there is action. You see, it was all tied together when I heard you guys in the car. You know, you two stare at each other like you're in love. And that's when I pieced it together, when you had that look in your eye." I smiled knowingly. I was officially awesome.

"Damn, even if you're a bitch for involving Sam, you're a damn smart kid. I'm glad you're mine." Dean smiled. I genuinely felt happy. Literally. Someone who's my dad that I haven't seen my entire life said he was glad I was his kid. There's nothing more I could've asked for. That my dad I barely knew was proud of me...huh that doesn't sound exactly how I wanted it to sound.

"Well done, Alex. I knew you would be the one to catch on eventually, because you can actually get past ten of those green pipes in Flappy Bird." Cas smiled sadly, remembering the game. I sighed, and handed him my phone.

"Ten minutes, angel boy." I smiled. He gratefully accepted it as if he were a child getting a piece of the perfect cake on his birthday.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Castiel POV

I'm happy now, for the first time in a long time. Dean and I no longer had to hide our feelings. I was in love with Dean. I am in love with Dean, and I've never been happier. This day was crazy already.


It was a couple of hours later and we were all just making random small talk.

"So if you were known to be a little shit, why did they send you to get Dean out of Hell?" Alex asked. I processed that question a lot faster than I should've.

"They, uh, to put it in your terms, were being little shits." I still had Alex's phone and I unlocked it. I was looking at the apps she had.

"Wait, did you guys know that Chuck published he rest of the books? So like..." Alex replied.

"What is...Destiel?" I asked, tilting my head.

"DAMMIT CAS ARE YOU ON TUMBLR?!" Alex shouted. I quickly shook my head and kept scrolling through the "Destiel" pages. There was a drawing of Dean and I, naked on our bed.

"Well, this drawing is not inaccurate. Except Dean's-"

"NO FURTHER!" Alex shouted. Why does she keep shouting? "Oh, such an innocent angel, aren't ya?" She laughed.

Dean grabbed Alex's phone.

"Who the hell is drawing me naked with excruciating detail?!" Dean asked.

"Just about everyone who's read the Supernatural books." Alex replied.

Alex POV

I can't believe someone drew my DAD naked. Ew.

"That son of a bitch! Where the hell does Chuck even live anymore?" Dean asked. "I'm firing up that bitch."

"Dean, no. He has an archangel tethered to him. You will die before getting a bullet off." Cas tried explaining. Dean sighed in frustration and they started making out.

"DUDE, a little warning might be nice!" I hissed.

"Can you guys give us a couple hours?" Dean smiled. I just about gagged in my mouth. The thoughts of my dad having sex. Ew. Even though according to the fan art, he did that a lot. I nodded, grabbing Dakota's leash and putting her harness on her, then her leash, taking her out the door. Sam had left some time ago, nobody really knew where he went.

Dakota seemed happy to stretch her legs. We were walked around a semi-main street. I was about halfway around the block when I saw a couple of cute boys sitting around. I had headphones in, listening to AC/DC's Highway to Hell. I pulled my phone out as I walked past, showing that I had a phone and he should ask for my number.

"Hey," I heard a voice. I turned. The cute boy was walking up to me.

"Can I help you?" I asked.

"Cute dog. What's his name?" He asked.

"Is this your way of flirting? Calling my dog cute?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. He turned slightly red. It made me chuckle.

"I'm Alex." I smiled.

"Blake." He replied. I looked into his eyes. His eyes were gray, he had brown hair and tan skin. He was hot, not going to lie.

"This is Dakota." I told him, gesturing towards Dakota.

"What kind of dog is she?" He asked me. It was funny, nobody knew what kind of dog she was.

"Golden doodle. Golden retriever and a Poodle mix." I retorted.

"Ah, cute dog for a cute girl." He said. Which was totally not true. My hair was messy and wavy, pulled up into a sloppy ponytail, and I wasn't wearing any make-up. I still blushed though.

"Put this to good use." I smiled, handing him a slip of paper with my number on it. He smiled and we walked separate directions.

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