Hailey and her friends were driving down the road and they are at a train trach when a phone goes off and theres a party in the back seat whats going to happen?? will they make it?? will they get put in the hospital??? read to find out.


1. The Call

   It was a early Friday morning and Hailey had woken up from a call. It was her best friend Sarah "hello" she answered with a sleepy voice "hey girl you up we gotta get ready for the beach party its Sam's sweet sixteen today" "oh ya I gotta call Jill and see if shes up it is her boy friend after all" "OK then I will let you go but call her fast" "OK girly love ya" "love ya to girl bye".  She hung up and Hailey called Jill and told her to get her ass in gear because she would be there in about a half hour to pick her up for Sam's sweet sixteen. She got the girls and took off Sam was texting Jill in the front seat of Hailey's truck. The other girls were in the back seat Sam called Jill to see where they where. Jill told him they were almost there and to give them about ten or more minuets because Haileys truck stalled in the train track Sam said ok and got off the phone.  

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