Just a dream

Just a Dream is about a Girl Melissa, and her crush Alex, but something happened so he finaly begin to see his Best friend in another way


9. why?-part 3

9: why? Part 3


"what do you mean by why?"

"are you searios! that text you send me! it really hurt!" i said almost yelling. i couldn't belive he just acted lige it didn't happen.

"calm down Meli. what text are text you talking about?"

"oh so you are just acting like your little girlfriend?"

"Meli! cant we just talk about this? because i have no idea about what you are talking about"

he were very calm. but it just made me more angry and sad.

"i can't belive you don't know what im talking about!" i ran away. i don't know if i ran because i was in angry or sad. maby both. because i ran out to a tree and began crying. it was really sunny so it was also very hot. normaly i would just get a headache. but because it was so hot and i was crying. my headache got so bad that i couldn't sit up. and i feel dizy.

after a few seconds it got dark. not outside but my eyes could't anymore. the closed. it might sound like it happened over 5 min. or so. but it just happened in 1 min. the last thing i remember was Alex running out for me yelling


quick note

sorry i haven't updated lately. there just happened so much over these weeks. and i just havent had time so here you go! im so sorry and ill try make something in this week also.

one of the reasons i have not updatet is because every time i tryed to it deleted it but now i copyed it so... i should have done that a long time ago. so see ya maby next week! bye!!!

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