Just a dream

Just a Dream is about a Girl Melissa, and her crush Alex, but something happened so he finaly begin to see his Best friend in another way


8. Why?-part 2

8: why- part 2


,,hey baby,, the person said while crying. the vioce began to talk again.

,,its Melissa. sh-ee,, i knew it was Babra, i had to do something befor Alex got all like whait waaaaaaa

,,Babra its Melissa,,

,,Melissa, i told you to stay away from Alex!,,

,,then i have to disepoint you,, i said with a little irony in my voice.

,,you little ,, Alex cut her off

,,uhm Babra were you jealos of Meli?,, he said while laughing .

,,uhm... yeah. you know i told you yesterday. you got all upset but okay BYE!,, she hung up.

,,well that was interesting,, he said a bit counfused.

we arrived at the school. we walked into the class. i didn`t look at him or anything. I just didnt understand... I mean, first he send me this text. And then he would still Pick me up? I just dont get it.

After a couple of classes we had lunch. He walked past the sport table, but i stopped at the table.

"Why did you stop moving?"

"Im gonna sit here" i saw him having a wtf face

"I dont really like being with too many girls" i said. An obvious lie.

"Okay" he said while walking towards me.

"Then ill sit with you" i got confused. But i blushed anyway. Mad or not. We were still friends, and he were my crush but why?

"Why?" I asked. It sounded like i was totalt dumb if you didnt know what he texted me.

Quick note

Sorry for the short chapter after all that time.

But i were sick. But i will Start publishing once a week. The reason to this short chapter is because it would get to Messy if it was 1 chapter.

And thanks for the 100 views!!! It means the World to me! 🙋

PS. Please replie so i can hear your thougts on this so BYE!!!

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