Just a dream

Just a Dream is about a Girl Melissa, and her crush Alex, but something happened so he finaly begin to see his Best friend in another way


10. hospital again?

hospital again?


i woke up with this really strong headace, it was unberable. i opened up my eyes to Alex and my mom. i looked at them for a while, then tears began to fall down my face. but my mother was asleep on a cair in the hospital room. Alex stood up besides my bed. 


"meli... im so glad we did'nt lose you..."

i could see tears forming in his eyes, and one dripping down his face. 


"Meli, can you please just tell me whats wrong?" he asked looking me straight into my eyes, his deep ocean blue eyes was so beautiful, i could get lost in them any time... but i was confused about him seeing me after i yelled, and him never wanting to see me again, but stil picking me up and carrying for me. and then i got it! it was babra who texted me over Alex's phone.

"Alex?" i said with a very serious tone.

"what?" he said

"did you block my phone number yesterday?"

"no, my phone have been missing since monday at lunch. i got a new one, just in case something happened. why are you asking?"

"babra took it" 

"no that can't be true... and if it is. how do you know that?"

"i got a text from you, and it said you never wanted to see me again, and after that text you bloked me." my tears fell down from my cheeks like a waterfall. Alex just looked at me with a very confused, suprised and sad look on his face.

"but then... how do you know its babra, and not anyone else?"

"because after lunch at monday, she came up to me with her little gang and threatened me..." i paused

"she threatened me, and said if i ever talked to you again. she would do something terable."

"and then what?" he asked me

"i slapped her" i smiled a little bit while saying that, he did too. it is kinda funny when you think about it. just that little moment, i felt good. not just on the hospital, but also when it happend. it might be the only time i felt good by doing damage on somebody. okay... thats not true. because when you play football (i know its not very common to play football as a girl but i do) you some times or mostly, are going to hurt some one.


"what about the call in my car?" he asked

"i got confused on that part to... she said she would make you hate me... kinda. and thats probrably what she was going to do. with that red mark i gave her! that would not be that hard!" i said almost laughing,

"but Alex i have a dead serious question!


"if babra came to you and said i hit her, and you should keep you distance or never speak to me again... would you do what she said?" there were a long akward silence right there. he opened his mouth a couple of times, but no sound came out.

"i don't know" there came another akward silence right there, and me who finaly stopped crying, began again. he looked at the tear, that was roling down my chin. he finaly opened his mouth.

"look meli. it s not that i would belive her from the start, and ofcorse i would talk to you and be you friend no matter what. but at least i would talk with you before any choises were made. for gods sake! i have waited for you in six months! im not gonna let you go that easy!" he said with a smile upon his face. it made me really happy for him saying that. those words was like magic!


Quick note


so i finaly made a new chapter huh! after like a month! the funny thing is i looked back at my other chapters, and they were so bad! so now im kinda doubting if im good at writing. but i dont really care. i mean i like writing, just not when i have too. it needs to be when i feel like it. or else no good chapter. and intead of taking an hour it takes up to 3. but im back! and thats great!!!


so hope i will see ya next time! please leave a replie saying what you think! ok BYE!!!

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