Just a dream

Just a Dream is about a Girl Melissa, and her crush Alex, but something happened so he finaly begin to see his Best friend in another way


1. demo

1: demo


i were in the middle of the class. every thing was going in slow mode. i walked away from my seat. i looked around in the class room, it was like every thing was paused. i felt somebody, touching my hair. it was Alex, i felt the butterflies in my stomach. he putted his hands om my cheeks. He came closer and closer, closing his eyes. I could feel his breath, it smelled so minty. I knew what were going to happen, and i Got ready closing my eyes as well.

But... Then i Wake up, in the middle of class With my dear Alex. Trying to Wake me up. First i thougt that it was still happening, so i kissed his elbow and Said thank you. With my head laying on the table. And then he smiles, but after that i Can see the situation i'm in. And i give myself a Face pan. But he just keep staring at me, "why are you hitting your self Meli?" He says With a little smile on his lips

but i know that he does not Like me that Way. He thinks we are "just friends"

"What are you saying Meli?"

"Nothing just... Nothing"

Quick note


This is my first chapter!!!!

If you Like This story then... Do what you do in here x)

Also i Will be making more soon Like... Tomorow

PS. I dont do This because i want fans its just funny

PS. PS. I just forgot what to whrite here... Oh yeah! I'm all new to This Stuff. So there are many flaws in it. But hope you Like it! :)

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