One Direction's Bodyguard

Hi my name is Fawn. I know it's an unusual name for a girl like me. I'm a loner and do stuff by myself. I live on the streets and fight criminals. People call me The Blaze when they never saw me before. I would put a sticker on the forehead of the criminal that has my phone number and email. But NOBODY has EVER contact me before. But now my life is going to change I am going to sign up for a bodyguard job to protect the people I'm suppose to. Hopefully the interview goes well.


1. The New Bodyguard

***Suggest read the blurb to understand!!!***

Fawn P.O.V.

I'm walking down the sidewalk it's 10:30 at night and I'm heading to an interview and I hear a women scream near by. I quickly headed towards the scream and see a guy harassing her. "Give me your purse!" The guy yelled. He yanked the purse out of her hand and pushed her down on the ground.

I sneak up behind him and grabbed the purse out of his grip. "That's now how you treat a lady" I said. "Go back home little kid" the guy yelled. I gotten close to his face and whispered,"Or what?". He was about to punch me but I dogged it and brought out my sword. "Freeze unless you want it to get bloody" I warned him. His anger built up and heading towards me yelling,"you little bi-". I had stabbed him in the chest. Brought one of my stickers out put it on his head and push his body off my sword.

I looked at the lady and she was shaking with fear. I walked up to her and hold out her purse and said," I believe this is yours ma'am.". She shockingly took the purse and ran away. I looked at my watch, 10:55 still have 5 more minutes to get there. I just realized how am I going to wash my sword? So I went to a near by river put my sword in and watch the blood go off my sword. Check my watch 2 more minutes.

I quickly hurried to the interview building and made it to the interview 1 second late."Your 1 second late!" My interviewer yelled." I was busy.", "That's still not acceptable, Blaze! Here sign this information."he said. I grabbed a pen and the paper and started filling out my info. People were whispering things like,"it's Blaze!", and"Is that Blaze?". When I was finish filling out the info I handed it to my interviewer.

He scan through and asked," why is family empty?" ,"I don't have a family", I answered. "At least put your parents names." I nodded in reply. My mom name is Maria and my dad name is Martin. They died from these criminals. So I'm helping people to not end up just like me. I gave the paper back and he print it approve. I followed him back and he brought out a list of people.

"Ok you will be the bodyguard of 5 boys called One Direction. Is that fine?" He asked ,"Definitely." I agreed. "Okay, here's the address to their house.","Ok thank you bye.". I left the building and started heading to their house. On my way there I was wondering what kind of people are they. When I made it to their house I was very shocked. It looked like a big mansion!

I went up to the gate and press the buzzer."Who is this?"a person asked,"One Directions bodyguard. "Oh well come in." The person opened the gate, "Thank you." I said politely. I took a deep breathe before opening the door. I see 5 boys in front of me smiling and then the striped shirt one attacked me with a hug. I stood there in shock, because I had never had a hug since my parents died. I felt warm inside and I hugged him back. This going to be a long day.


Check out my youtube channel:Tatyana2468 I do Minecraft vids and others.

I had changed my username to Alois Trancy. And I hope you guys enjoyed the story! Bye!!!

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