Phoenix Rising

The year is 2102, welcome to a world drowned in chaos and nuclear fallout. Humankind lay dessicated, what remians of us are conserved in bio dome cities, driven into risk, governments and military crippeled. I'm just a man, I don't know anything of my past, but I know about my future, and the future of this planet that was once ours. A story about a clan that looked out for everyone, human...or not human. A clan willing to risk anything to ensure survival, with the best technology and tactics at their disposal. A clan, that saved me, and made me something I tought would never be possible, I am a member of Phoenix Rising, I am Alec Shard, this is my story, this is our Earth, and what remains of it.


3. Phanix

(Phanix corporation HQ, New London, 8:01am, Saturday 12th August 2102)
Walking down a long corridor, the layout of the walls, the floor, was very abstract and white, bright enough to hurt the eyes just by staring straight ahead. Alec strolled forward, he looked both sides as he kept walking, several doors with window displays caught his eye, from which he can just notice different and bizarre activity between each one. Scientists in over exaggerated lab uniform and masks preforming operations on humans, animals, carefully handling chemicals and sleek objects with bright moving colors highlighted the rooms. Few had blood marks splattered on the display, uneasy to see what is happening, except for the sound of rash and sorrowful screaming, agonizing shrieks. Alec shuddered in disgust and continued making his way down the corridor. A door swooped open in front of him, he caught it quickly from hitting his face, and pushed it back, then he saw him, standing in front of him. Its Mitchell, short brown hair, a face as clear as sterilized equipment.

"Erm hey, Alec" Mitchell briefly studderd. "Its been a while since we last seen each other". Alec released the door from his grasp before he spoke. "almost 3 years i believe, how's the whole medecine business going" Mitchell stood quiet for a while, before continuing to speak. "Its going alright i guess, the money we need for new equipment hasn't arrived yet". Alec smiled and spoke. "Its nice to see your determination for what your trying to achieve. What your father did was legendary and benefited us all, I wish him a happy 30th anniversary since he died, you will make a legacy to remember". Mitchell shrugged. "Yes, it is indeed the 12th of August, thank you Alec, but I just have to ask....why are you here?"

Alec reached into his chest pocket, the rustling of metal and scrap parts shuffuled as he reached out a envelope."I got this meeting letter, but im kinda lost" Mitchell reached out and scanned it with his eyes in a matter of seconds. "wow, i wasn't expecting this type of mission, this is worth some money, oh sorry, its on sector 4, take the elevator". Alec walked past him before stopping again. "Its good to see you again, its time to get back to work, like old times". He quickened his pace, took the elevator, it felt like travelling to another planet. He came face to the door. Loud chatter came from the other side. His hand reached for the handle, it suddenly open, a tall man in armor, his face covered by a helmet with a Visor hardly transparent, it flipped up to reveal his face, red as the blood pressed up against his cheeks, sweat pouring down him. His eyes glared into him, he glared back. "Your late", he said, as he walked away, with a firm shove to Alec's shoulder.

Alec slowly entered a huge cascade, the room was dark with bright LED lights that protruded from the walls, giving the whole area a cybernetic atmosphere. He looked around, walking down the steps, the room was dense and symmetrical. Podiums with control panels and 3D holographic displays filled around the edges of the room, all with well uniformed employees operating the systems. A walkway glowed inbetween a room of high tech, advanced systems and soldiers on both sides, watching him walk down the platform. A few soldiers walked past him, he budged more to the left, as he stared in awe of massive soldiers, wearing intimidating armor and gadgets. He looked up, he saw people watching him on balcony's, with robot sentry turrets chiseled into the ceiling.  

He stolled towards a huge platform, a group of people, stood on a high ground to him turned and saw him coming. Alec knew they were expecting him. He stepped on a tile, it stood out from the ground, in a glowing outline. The platform quickly elevated, with Alec almost loosing his balance, until he reached the top. A large group of soldiers and war accountants gathered around a desk of war statistics, the conversation slowly erodes to a silence, One man, in his 60's rotated towards Alec, he had short white hair, white as snow, wearing a uniform with several badges and accolades aligned across his chest. Alec smiled, and approached him. "Brigadier Kieth, its been so long" he said, greeting with a firm handshake before taking another look at his surroundings"Wow, i like what you did with the place! It looks alot different!

Kieth wrapped his arm along Alec's back, touring him towards the other soldiers, focusing on the control podiums."A few technological tweaks, i thought it make the lace look more lively, here meet some of the new people, they were preforming well on several missions, we decided to enlist them into...a...err......special task"

Alec retrieved his note, and held it to Kieth. "I believe you know why im here, Kieth"
"Yes I do, and for good reason, you see its been a long time, and you were one of our best recruits and always will be"
"Yeah, but why am i here, I want to know why you dragged me all the back here"
Kieth hesitated to speak, then bought Alec over to a hologram, which displayed a 3D image of a building, it look desiccated and abandoned. Alec stared at that building.....he seen it before. He recognized its structure, its walls, he must of been some time in his life. Kieth patted Alec, who rekindled his concentration to what the brigadier is trying to say. "This is the HMP oakwood prison, it is located near Wolverhampton, and our scout drones have picked up strange activity occurring there, it has been abandoned for quite some time, but our sensors pick up human activity.........and something else".

Alec listened to everything he said, but he studdered when he mentioned "HMP oakwood prison". 
"Ive heard of that before, i just....cant....think"
He began to see nothing but bright lights, he heard Kieth's voice distinctively. "Alec, is everything alright?"  Alec began twitching and loosing concentration, he could see the image stained into his head. He closed and eyes, and opened again, the image disappeared, he looked back at Kieth. "I'm fine, continue" Kieth stared suspiciously, before looking back at the monitors. "So anyway, activity in these areas have been dormant for so long, but the intensity of movement in these areas are raising our attention. We arranged a XM-9 Triton to escort you there, your job is to investigate and bring us Intel of the situation."

Alec shrugged for a moment. "You know how my system works, what is involved?" Kieth gave a faint smirk on his face. "You wont be disappointed, we know how long its been since you disbanded from Phanix, but we want you for this mission, and by doing it, i can offer you a contract, great money and tech is involved, just for you.....and your not going alone." Alec stood quiet. "What do you mean by tha...." Suddenly a door came smashing open, from the same entrance Alec entered from. Alec turned and looked down from the platform, a group of people began walking in his direction. The people included 4 individuals, all armored and optimized. The ascended from the elevator, and stood next to Kieth  standing tall and impressively armed. "They are coming with you, meet Christopher" He said, pointing at the tallest one, who was holding his helmet in his arm, he had a light brown shade in his hair, which almost reached down to his eyes. Alec approached and shaked his hand. "They offered me a deal like they did to you, oh, and here are 3 of my friends, they'll be joining us"

Alec stared at the others, they just stood there, most of their faces covered up by their masks and helmet straps. They all stared awkwardly, Kieth clicking his teeth before speaking. "So yeah, this is John, Maxis, and Sapphire" Pointing at the 3 other soldiers. "They bought plenty of gear, your gonna need to suit up, and get ready, your being dispatched at 11:00am". John, one of the smaller soldiers approached Alec, he handed over an assault rifle, it was long and streamlined, a long barrel with a huge laser projector wrapped around it. Alec held the weapon, it was unlike most ordnance he would use, a lot more advanced. Kieth aspired the weapon. "The ax-45 is a good weapon of choice, it was a revival of the traditional  ak-47, which stopped production in 2041, since its power was not keeping up with the more advanced weapons being produced for the military." Then Kieth looked deep into Alec's eyes, his face looked serious and fracturing to the thoughts.

"Your gonna need it, whatever is at that prison, its not alone, the wildlife evolved over the years, nuclear gas is like clear oxygen to them, and they are more deadly than i remember them to be. All of you will be outfitted with high quality 3rd generation radiation suits, they will protect you, you can fight with them off, but exposure to the chemicals after a few hours period would be harmful, and your gonna be out there for more than just a few hours." The whole team of soldiers circled around Kieth as another man in uniform approached him. "Listen up, men, ladies, the General Bret will continue the briefing from here." He said as he descended down the elevator, and through the room exit, Bret, a man, with his high tech helmet attracting more attention than his actual speech, but everyone stood ready to listen."Ive heard rumors around the city at the time, that PR have returned, i don't honestly this is true, but Ive been wrong several times." Alec stood confused, voices in his head preached, what the hell is "PR?". 

He turned back the general, hesitant to even ask about it. "Alot of money is being offered for this job, our last city needs to be secure, the outsides of the walls are radiation free, its what beyong our frontier thats dangerous, im just letting you know, that if your in any kind of trouble, our Airburst drones will keep surveillance and will engage if necessary. All of us here wish you luck, and we are here to guarantee your safety, but.....if this rumor is true, then may god help us all." The troops were dismissed, and sent to the loading bay, where they awaited a chopper to provide transport. The payload was cramped and the stenched was poisonous. The room inside the helicopter was a row of seats on the opposite sides of the wall, silver lockers above with several dirt stains, the condition was beyond poor, it pierced Alec's mind, as he sat there quietly, his thoughts were suppressed by the background chatter of the other soldiers, talking about irrelevant that each other didn't really care about.

As the helicopter began its exhausts and began to hover, Alec looked up and turned to his left, he saw a group of people standing in a line, saluting their departing. He saw Kieth, Bret and several other federal officers standing there......and he saw another man, standing on a balcony, very little of him was visible, He was in a dark space, very little shade was in reach of the shroud of darkness that surrounded the man, who just stood there, staring at him. Alec didn't enjoy what he was experiencing. The awkward moment with that man caused more random fizzing visions in his head, and the sound of the VTOL engines made him uncomfortable . It wasn't long until the chamber that was the only building build over the shields that conserved the city, it was a very massive building, it hardly faded into the horizon as the craft sped away from the city, Alec looking back at it, before looking down, his mask in his hands, as he placed it firmly around his head, and sealed it tight. 


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