Phoenix Rising

The year is 2102, welcome to a world drowned in chaos and nuclear fallout. Humankind lay dessicated, what remians of us are conserved in bio dome cities, driven into risk, governments and military crippeled. I'm just a man, I don't know anything of my past, but I know about my future, and the future of this planet that was once ours. A story about a clan that looked out for everyone, human...or not human. A clan willing to risk anything to ensure survival, with the best technology and tactics at their disposal. A clan, that saved me, and made me something I tought would never be possible, I am a member of Phoenix Rising, I am Alec Shard, this is my story, this is our Earth, and what remains of it.


4. Horizon

(HMP Oakwood prison, Wolverhampton, 11:41am, Saturday 12th August, 2102)
He woke up, Alec looked up from his seat, the doors were sealed and the roar of the exhausts came to a halt as the craft  touched down slowly. Then the doors came to a opening. He looked at Christopher. "We're here" he whispered. They all got up and made their way to the doors, without looking, they jumped and pounded against the ground beneath them, a safe distance from where they jumped. They looked up to see the helicopter, revert its engines so it hovers from the ground then rotate to fly away in the direction they came, a voice transitioned through the radio on Maxis's leg pocket. A very blurry voice was speaking through it. "This is Phanix control center, our escort will return in a 12 hour period, but we will keep surveillance on your activity, over." Christopher snatched the radio from Maxis. "Copy that, over" He put the radio in his pocket."Lets get moving, the prison is directly ahead."

A few minutes later, the group moved through the terrain, a huge wall of moss and vines blocked the path their transmitter is pointing to. Alec looked at his ankles, his exo-boosters we're still attached from earlier. He felt lucky and ran to the wall, the others watched him as he jumped at least 12 ft of the ground, as he flew over and landed on the other side. The others climbed over and loaded their weapons. "This area looks hostile", Sapphire said. The area beyond the wall was a huge pathway with clear space straight ahead, each side were huge trees, the place was a overgrown jungle, the fog was dim and chirps of nearby wildlife painted the environment around them. The group moved forward, at a steady pace, before the fog began to clear up. A huge object was in their sight. They quickened the pace, until the object rendered to reveal a building, they all stopped and scanned the area, the atmosphere was calm and timid, Christopher took off his mask and smelt the fresh air. "Don't worry, this area isn't radiated, ahh it feels nice to admire the beauty of nature, and whats left of it. 

Alec appraoched the building, he noticed, it looked identicle to the prison. It is the prison! Suddenly his mind went blank, he saw nothing, until he opened his eyes, he saw himself standing in another world, in front of him he saw the prison again , it looked just like the prison he saw in the projection. He also saw a little boy, standing in front of a man, and a woman, the two were constrained in shackles, they suffered too much to be able to move. Alec stared at them, he looked at nothing else but them, as they stood outside the huge building, by the gates. He could hear them talk. The little boy began to speak. "Daddy, mommy, whats happening? im scared" Alec listened but was unable to move, this was his imagination. The man was on his knees, he looked up from the ground and looked into the boys eyes. "Don't you worry, we are going to be okay, but do everything mommy says, ok?" The boy nodded, Alec watched them intently, as the woman began to speak. "Don't be afraid, grab the toy in my pocket" 

The boy grabbed the object and looked at it. The woman looked up, tears rolling down her cheeks. "See the pin? I want you on the count of 3, to pull it off....and throw it at the wall behind you!" The boy looked fixated. "But.....why?" The man raised his voice slightly. "Just do it! Do as your mother says!". Suddenly, Alec could hear the sound of footsteps, the chatter of soldiers.....and the stomps of something....heavy...and dangerous. The boy began to cry, but he nodded and looked back at the object he was holding. The woman began to count, she was drenching tears now. "1............2...........3! do it!", the boy pulled the pin very hard, until it snapped away, and he threw it at the building. The man roared. "RUN!!!!" The boy ran in Alecs direction, he stood next to him and stopped, he looked back at his parents, with Alec watching in horror. The woman rested her head on the man, they were both sobbing and loudly whispered. "We love you so much...."

The boy cried and ran past Alec, who turned and watch him ran, he turned around and saw a figure standing in the building, on a balcony, it looked suspiciously like the man he saw earlier before they departed the city. He saw the man and woman cuddle together and close their eyes, and looked at soldiers....and a huge robotic like figure charge from the gate, until that object.... caused an explosion. The explosion was massive, he stood there and watched everything get the figure in the building disappeared in the blast, his eyes began hurting and his mind hyperventilate violently. He closed his eyes, and opened again, he saw himself on the ground, Christopher and Maxis shaking him. "Get up!!! whats happening!?!, wait, wait! he's back! he's awake!"

Alec's vision was faded, disoriented. He could make out the faces of the people standing around him, he was slowly gaining consciousness, then he heard a womans voice. "I'll use the static clippers" Alec sat up and exclaimed in shock. Sapphire stood in front of him, she dropped the clippers to the ground, as everyone gathered around Alec, Christopher went down on his knees in a comforting tone. "Soldier... what the fuck happened?" Alec stared at him, breathing heavily, his neck felt constrained tightly and was unable to breath quickly. "I.....I don't know, i must be seeing things". After saying that, he heard John scoff loudly at him. "quit daydreaming, we need to follow orders, or we don't get paid" Alec raised to his feet. He turned and took another look at the prison. "Lets.....go inside, we need someone to keep lookout" Christopher nodded. "Maxis, you take that spot by the two big trees, I'll go in the on the other side, John, Saph, Alec, make your way inside, keep a camera attached so i can sync connection with my wristpad." 

Alec moved towards the prison, he looked both ways, it was very long across, white walls with mud stained windows, both sides were blocked by debris and vegetation, each with a tall tree, in which Christopher took refuge in. There was no way around the prison, just a big entrance in the center, it looked like a entrance with a glass sliding door, it must of been damaged over the years. Alec slowly walked inside, the roof was very far up, smashed glass carpeted the floor, the left of the room was large and empty, it was just a big plat of white floor and walls, with overgrown vines and scattered grass. The right had a staircase, next to a counter. John looked at his wrist, a small pad with a screen attached to it had transitioning hexagons; it was loading video com. A voice was eventually heard. "Ok what do you see inside?" John took a big spin looking around."Very wide open areas, i  see a counter with nothing useful, but there's a staircase." John slowly moved towards the stairs, his eyes flooding sweat and tears, his weapon loaded in his hands, his eyes obliviously staring through the sight.

"Alec, make your way up the stairs, i got you covered" Alec ran towards John by the stairs, Sapphire stayed by the counter. Alec looked up, the roof was endless, it was dim and nauseous, he felt blood pushing through his veins. He looked down at his feet, his ankle thrusters were still in good condition. Slowly bending his knees, he closed his eyes, and tried to focus. A huge silence struck throughout the prison, outside, Chris looked back at the prison and whispered calmly over the V-com."Everything okay?" The silence broke, a huge fizzing noise resonated through the prison. It was Alec, he pushed his legs up straight, and jumped upwards, he lost speed, and began to fall down. Before building speed, he grasped a ledge of the stairs and pulled himself up. "Level 3" he murmured to himself, as he kept grip of his assault rifle, the ledge by the flight of stairs was very tight, and dark, the smashed window filtered sunlight down onto the prison level. A long corridor with several doors on each side, all looked battered and near destroyed. Glass was all over the floor, moss hanged from the ceiling, it was very dark and tense.

"What happened?" Christopher said over the radio. "I entered level 3 using my boosters, nothing is here though, I'll keep going". Alec stopped pressing the button on his wrist and proceeded through the hallway, carefully stepping over the glass, he tried opening the first door to the right, it was locked tightly. He hesitated himself from punching it."Don't want to make any other loud noises" he thought to himself. His hand wrapped around the handle, the metal clanking softly. A strange rustling noise was heard, he stopped turning the handle, the rustling continued, it was coming from the other side of the door. He held his breath in fear and hysterically punched through the door, the hinges broke loose and the door crumbled to the floor. He looked both sides, his weapon stalking both ways, it was an empty cell. A huge hole in the wall was in front of him, the rest that remains were pale grey stone and ash and dust fading from the ceiling. He slowly approached the hole, and bobbed his head, he could see all of the outside, the pathway with all the trees. 

He held his wrist by his mouth, "Chris, look down at the prison", Chris went off guard and looked down from the tree he took nest in, He saw the hole in the wall, with Alec waving at him, Chris chuckled and waved back. "Enough play time, keep looking". In the interest of time, a small explosion chipped pieces of wood on the tree Chris was in, very close to his head. "What the hell?" He leaned forward so he could see around the side of the tree, a small dent lay in the bark, he reached in and pulled out a bullet, it was as long as the palm of his hand, and had a special black, red and green marking on it, representing an emblem that resembled an alien like face. He felt his heart beat faster. "Skraull......their here". He said through the radio, everyone heard him. Alec looked up at Christopher's position. "Skruall what do you mean abo..." Suddenly a small screech of wind traveled through the forest, until a second shot, impaling through Christopher's head, it was too late to reach for his radio, as he fell from the tree, and smashed into the ground dead.

Maxis turned from his tree. "Chris is down!" Alec looked down at the corpse, his face was horrified with disgust and trauma. The damage was brutal and explicit. Gunfire commenced, branches began to snap. Sapphire ran outside, John following behind her, they exited out the entrance and took cover. Suddenly, bushes on the other side of the prison blockade began to shred. Three tall figures, emerged from the remains. They stood massively and were partially skinny, but they're posture unwittingly terrifying. They looked around, Alec pinned his back against the wall, away from sight, Maxis hid from his tree. The creature stood on top of a rock, his face was green, with wrinkles, large jaws and teeth jutting outwards. His eyes were large, and vile glowing red. Most of his head was aligned with layers of skin, and huge knife-like mandibles attached to each side of his jaw like pincher's. Maxis leaned over before whispering on his radio to Alec. 

"These are skruall, they're not primitive to Earth, they must be whats triggering the sensors back at Phanix corps". Alec took a peek, the creature, the tallest out of the three standing on the rock, sniffed loudly before croaking words in his deep synthed voice. "People are here, use weapons and kill, they must not reach A'shalca." Alec shuddered in surprise and talked back to Maxis. "Wait wait, they speak English??"
"They're good learners, but they haven't perfected it", replied Maxis.  Sapphire and John were still hiding behind the entrance. John looked over her shoulder. "Man thats it!, I'm going in!". Without interpretation, John stood up and charged towards the 3 skrualls, guns blazing. His bullets flew inaccurately around them, but he managed to hit one, as it fell to the ground in agony. The tall creature jumped down and grabbed him by the neck, and held him high.

"What is your feeling right now, human?" He crumbeled under his unsatisfying voice . John choked under his gripping force. Maxis raised out of cover and aimed directly at the huge beast, he placed a shot, piercing its chest, which already looked skinny to the ribcage. The Skruall dropped John from his grip and pulled out an unusual weapon, it was black, with orange stripes, a very thick barrel with a canister magazine. "Ok, now thats a big gun" Maxis thought to himself before jumping out for safety. The alien then unleashed a bullet-storm of green flames that ignited in linear path, the tree incinerated in a matter of seconds. Maxis ran and jumped down a hill, before getting tangled in nettles. "Sapphire! Alec! Do something!" Sapphire drew the creatures fire. Alec pull a grenade from his chest strap, and tore the pin off. He stood from the 3rd level hole and aimed at the ground beneath him. He felt something grab him.

It all happened too quickly, Alec felt himself being forcefully dragged to the ground. Another skruall leaped on top of him, he pushed both arms down, Alec saw his chest had two small arms, one was half the size, it looked dismembered. The creature screeched in his face, he could not move, it was too strong. Sapphire continued laying down fire on the other one, the creature went complete berserk, it fired its high tech weapon everywhere, the building crumbled, like a miniature earthquake , Sapphire layed down from exhaustion. "Alec do something!" The skruall on top of Alec heard Sapphires shouting.....and it began to spoke. "A...llll...Alec?" Alec silently lay calm, he watched the creature look into his eyes, it recognized his green eyes. The creature freaked out and jumped off him. "SHARD!!!!" it screeched as it ran on the opposite side of the room, and whimpered in the darkness. Alec approached it....but it was already gone. "He....he knows my name?" Alec thought to himself, until his thoughts were unable to be heard by the sound of electricity and fire blazing outside.

The area filled with smoke, Alec looked down, the huge creature looked up, and aimed its weapon straight at him. "Shit" he thought. John was already crawling for his weapon, he shot at the creature in the back, the creature got annoyed, he gave off a high pitched shriek, before turning around and shot a single bullet into Johns face, Sapphire watched and cried in horror as she helplessly watched John get decapitated and met a grizzly demise. The creature focused on Sapphire again, in the mean of time, Alec jumped from the crater in the wall and knocked him down the the ground, the violently thrashed at it until its movement oppressed slowly before loosing consciousness. Maxis ran out the bush with a radio in his hand. "Phanix! Phanix control!! This is PC operative squad 27! We request that evacuation now! We lost Christophe and John, Sapphire and Alec are still with me!" Sapphire ran over to Maxis, Phanix control made a reply. "Our evac is already en route, hold out for two minutes, Brigadier Kieth calls, he hopes you have some details on the prison activity".

Alec stood there, he recoiled himself from punching the creature, assumingly dead. A loud stomping noise was heard in the distance. Sapphire and Maxis both looked at Alec. "More skruall?" Alec  walked towards the corpse, and looked back. No, this is something worse". Suddenly a huge 4 legged creature jumped from the trees above, it landed down, in between Alec and the evac. Maxis slowly drew his sniper. The creature stood there, it was not attacking, but snarling viciously at the three of them. Its body and face resembled a tiger-like creature, it had the same patterns on its fur, despite being blue and purple. two large orange eyes with a even bigger one in the center of its forehead, and whiskers longer than its actual tusks. The monster was absolutely massive, it was acting aggressive and territorial towards Alec, unwitting to attack, but highly on the offensive. "Don't shoot it" Alec said. "I'll make it chase me" His voice was soothing and calm in any order to not alarm the beast. Maxis looked back, he saw the helicopter approaching. "What about the evac? we cant leave you behind" Alec slowly reached for the huge alien weapon in the creatures dead hands, and he enjoyed the feel of it with a wide smile, before looking back at Maxis and Sapphire. "Oh yes you can" 

And with that, he fired a bolt of green electricity at the creature, it roared and growled in pain, Alec made a ran for it, he got lost at the trees, he tried speaking through his wrist pad, it didn't work. He looked back at Maxis and Sapphire, as the helicopter descended and cleared the fog. "Just go, you'll hear from me again" He said, as he disappeared into the forest, Maxis climbed onto the copter, pulling Sapphire up, as he watched the creature go deep into the forest with him.........


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