Light up my world

Britney Marie was just an ordinary girl but her world changes when she gets pregnant by some one he barely even knows. Read and find out what happens


4. Waking Up

-9 hours later-

I woke up and turned to Sammy "i had the weirdest dream it was kinda funny because I was with the guy I just meet we got to his hotel and." I stop and take a good look at my surroundings then I see him laying there his body was bare just like mine. He looked up at me and used a fake American girl accent

"And then what happened gurl!?"

I gave him a playful hit on his arm

"That's all I'm telling you gurl" from what I heard his accent was more believable than mine.

"You have to or else.!"his accent made me giggle a bit

"Or else what?" He grabs my sides and flips me over and looks me strait in the eyes

"Or else I won't let you go."

"Is that a threat or a promise?" I was really hoping that he would never let me go. His arms held me and they made me feel secure he was the only guy I have ever trusted.i looked him in the eyes and my heart stopped I couldn't bear to leave someone who made me who I was someone who I trusted and who I cared for. There was something about him that made me be myself, and not the person I chose to be. I put my arms around his neck ,i pull him down and flip him over where I'm on top

"Besides I think I can handle myself." I cocked my eyebrow up along with what I said.

"Of course you can. I wasn't saying you couldn't I was just saying Im not letting go of you." His voice was full of cockiness but I loved it.

"We'll you could let me get dressed at least." I giggled

"But I like you like this" his sad face nearly made me laugh

"But I like myself dressed." By the way he laughed I guessed he thought my sad face was to funny.

He let go of my waist and got me some of his cloths to wear he gave me a pair of smiley boxers and a graphic tee that had a similar design to the boxers while he put on a pair of Stewie boxers.

Once I got on the cloths he put his arms around me

"Don't you have enough resistance from me where you don't have to touch me every ten seconds?"

I looked up at him and saw his smile and couldn't help but to smile too

"Nope cause I need you now, and I want to rock you."

"Wow cheesy pickup lines not bad."

"You don't listen to music much do you?" His voice rang in my ears and my heart melted

"I only listen to good music."

"That hurt it truly did so what type of music do you listen to?"

"Well I listen to a lot of music starting with my chemical romance and falling in reverse." He looked at me like I wan a nutcase.

"You listen to that crap?"

"Wow you think that is crap, you sir have no taste in music." He turned me around so no we were face to face.

"I wonder how we got along so well don't you."

"No because it was love at first sight for me." His grin was still there but now it was full of joy love and happiness. Their was a knock at the door and I could hear a Irish accent. He was talking about how hungry he was and telling Zayn to move his lazy bum. Wow these people are really nice if you ask me.

"Who was that he seemed very nice. I want to meet him."

"Niall yeah he's nice when he's not hungry and that's not very often."

"Ok well I think I should go..."

"No please I really like and I want you to stay please." He was biting his lip so that told me he was a little nervous about my answer. But there was no way I could trust all of them if it was one yeah but four that's too many for me to trust.


"Fine, but don't expect me to say a word."

"Thank you, let me go get you some cloths to wear to the brunch."

"Ok I will be right here." To tell the truth I was really nervous what if the others don't like me I'm not that likable or so I've been told. I guess we will find out when I meet them

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