Light up my world

Britney Marie was just an ordinary girl but her world changes when she gets pregnant by some one he barely even knows. Read and find out what happens


6. Taking A Stand

Liam came back to me with a first aid kit and wrapped up my wrists. He stairs at me for a second then stands up. We leave the newly destroyed bathroom and walk out of the hotel to a black SUV like nothing happened. I look over to Zayn to see him glancing over at me every few seconds. Harry opens the door of the car and I hop in. I squirm to the back seat of the car and buckled up. Harry and Zayn bicker quietly they both glance at me then Zayn jumped into the car, sat next to me and wraps his arm around me. Harry tries to get in but Liam stops him. Liam talks to Harry for a few minuets then he jumps in next to me. He looks over at Zayn and coughs then Zayn takes his arm from around me to his side. I lean back and rest my head against Liam's shoulder I could tell this was going to be a very long day. I glance over at Zayn and Harry giving eachother eadly glairs. The silence picked at me and I finally had to break it.

"I have to go to Sam.." Zayn leant forward.

"I'll stay with you make sure your alright" Harry shot his head back.

"NO, I'll go I need to apologize and I'll be better protection then Zayn."

"How about NO you kissed her then you say sorry to her for pissing me off." Zayn's voice filled with rage and I could tell both of then wanted eachother as far as possible away from me.

"I can go alone. Besides you don't have to apologize to me it's not like the kiss meant anything it was just a in the moment. I just don't understand how it was me, because you know I'm well uh.... Me." I finished talking and every one just stared at me.

"Some one has to go with you I don't care who it is as long as it is NOT Harry!" Zayn barked at me. Liam looked at Zayn and leant forward.

"I'll go, I don't mind actually." His voice seemed happy, excited even. Who knows what Sam did to get him to want to see her again an who cares any more.

"Ok well here's the address." I hand Louis a piece of paper and he rips it from my hand.

I lean my head back against Liam and close my eyes. It felt like hours by the time we got to Sams house. I walk up to the door an Liam follows behind me. I knock on the door and I could hear Sam running towards the door. She opens the door and stops before she could say anything she just stood there motionless.

"I want my stuff, please" her face still shocked she closes the door leaving me and Liam outside. She shortly returns with my bag. She throws the bag at me and stares at Liam.

"H..h..hh.hi Liam Payne!" She stutters

"We got to go Brit" I turn around and felt a pain in the back of my head. I place my hand against the spot of pain and felt a warm liquid. I quickly pull my hand away and see a red stream of blood on my hand. The world began to be a haze I run to the van in front of me then I see Harry jump out and run to me. I try to get to him but my body lost all feeling and the pain was gone..... The world was black..... music began to play but it wasn't like anything I've ever heard it was beautiful.... The voice I knew his voice.... I can hear screaming.... What's goin on.... I open my eyes and a bright light fills my eyes.... I can hear voices but I don't know any of them.... Where am I...... Who am I.....

I love you all and hope y'all enjoy

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