Light up my world

Britney Marie was just an ordinary girl but her world changes when she gets pregnant by some one he barely even knows. Read and find out what happens


2. Ready or Not

It was a very interesting night last night but it doesn't matter now I was now walking to the stadium with Sammy. I had on some comfortable clothes while she looked like she was very uncomfortable with her high heels and tight dress. I have a theory that she thinks some one might be removing that dress for her and I'm sure it's not going to be me. I start to freak out when I see every one crowding to get in. I've never been good in a crowd and now I have to be in crowd full of girls who are screaming this is going to be a night to remember. I looked for quiet place to wait while Sam gets in line and waits to get to the front. I found a space behind the stadium which looks like no one ever goes and I sat down and rested against a rock while I waited for Sam to text me I hear a car door shut I realize that I wasn't here alone. I hear a few people talk in the back ground. I look from behind the rock and I see three people out side of the car. One has brown hair gelled up and wore a leather jacket. The other had a beautiful light brown hair and wore some nice clothes. The third one wore a black suit and had something in his ear I try to get a closer look and I end up running into the garbage can and the one in the black suit frantically looked around until his eyes locked with the garbage can I was behind.

"Who ever is behind or in the garbage can come out now or else" his voice was firm but demanding

"Uh um why? I was here first I was here to get away from the people in the front." I try to get them to go out in a confident tone but I ended sounding scared

I hear foot steps come up towards me. I quickly hop out in front of the guy in the simi fancy clothes. I took a step back away from him. He opens his arms like he wanted a hug today must not be my day.

"Wha..what the hell?" I stutter out before I thought about what I said I look around to see the other two staring at me and now there was another person getting out of the car I guess he was a driver. Now there where four people looking at me I've never been a fan of being under pressure or the center of attention. I look around for an open spot as soon as I found a place I ran back to Sam. Not wanting to relive that awkward moment I just waited with Sam until we got to the front and we started to our seats. Sam looked at me for a few minuets until she broke the silence.

"Where were you?" She knew i don't like being around people so she knew there was a reason to why I came back

"I ran into some one and It was very awkward meeting"

"Like always" she laughs

I brush off her humor and look at the tickets I notice they were front and center the one place I don't want to be. surrounded by girls screaming and trying to be noticed by guys who probably don't even care about them. I know I seem harsh but it's more truthful then saying yeah they'll notice and are about you. Look at me I've had scars on my wrist and bruises up and down my body and no one seemed to give a shit about me.

I walk with Sam to our seats as we sit down the lights turn off and an announcer comes on with all the girls screaming I couldn't hear him at all. Sam looks towards me and gives me a sour face.

"Stop moping gosh you're suck a kill joy" I ignored her insult

I lay against the seat while thousand of girls scream. The lights turn on an I see five guys on stage. I recognized the two from the ally. Now I just want to hide from the whole world because I can do nothing right.

Like usual i try to be invisible and I try to hide but the dark brunette recognized me from the ally. He points to my direction and whispers something into that one guy with the light brown hair. They both look at me and nod their heads. The dark brunette puts his hand towards me and walks closer to the edge of the stage.

"Oh shi..." I mumble

I try to get one of the other girls on stage but Sam pushes me up before I could try. When I got on stage I stood motionless with fear. This has been one of the worst days ever and now I'm standing in front of millions of people making myself look stupid. He started to sing to me and he danced around me as I stood there unable to move. He looked at me and laughed then leaned towards me.

"Loosen up. It's not that bad." He laughs

When they finished singing I tried to get off stage but the brunette called a security guard to me. The security guy places his hand on my shoulder and led me back stage. I waited forty five minuets until I saw Sam and The five guys followed behind her........

The next chapter will be backstage meeting and other stuff so stay tuned for more. I love all of beauties

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