Light up my world

Britney Marie was just an ordinary girl but her world changes when she gets pregnant by some one he barely even knows. Read and find out what happens


7. My Life

My eyes open and I am greeted great white light. The light is too bright at first but after a few seconds my eyes a just. I look around at the empty room, the room was square and looked to be about the same size as my old bedroom. The walls are a beautiful white with intricate designs on the wall that brightened the room. One of the walls started to change colors, a figure began to be distinguished through the colors. I finally recognized the figure as my dead mother. I missed her so much but I don't think I've ever dreamed of her until now. I began thinking was this really a dream or was this something else. The figure slowly yet gracefully walked towards me. I couldn't help but to fall into her arms, but a side of me wanted to walk away because I knew she wasn't real. She held me close to her I couldn't hear her heart like I used to when I'd hug her. Was I really dreaming or am I actually with my dead mother. After a few moments of hesitation I could hear her voice.

"Sweetie I know this maybe hard it always is especially when you have to say it to your own child. But you're with me in the life after death but you have the choice." She pushes me away just so I can see her face and still be wrapped in her arms. My emotions started to flicker and I couldn't help but to show every one of them.

"What choice do I have I am dead." I state

"Not yet. You can choice to live but at a price. An eye for an eye. For your life you must sacrifice another." I wanted to be with him I actually cared for someone and I wasn't ready to leave him.

"I'll take that chance I don't care." I piped

"Ok you have made your choice, but I must tell you who's life you are taking. I must also tell you, you have been in a coma for five months and you're also pregnant." My eyes widen with shock

"Your unborn child is going to loose her life." A child must loose its life. This isn't right a life for a life should be some one else! I had already made my decision but can I take it back? Can I change what has already been done.

"I want to save the child! My unborn child must live! You can't take a child's life!" I yell

"A choice has been made but we can see if we can change what choice has been made. Sweetie no matter what happens I will always be proud of you." It was a direct hit to my heart. I couldn't take it, maybe I should live but what about my unborn child. I love my child and I haven't even met her or him. Some one who would say I love you no matter what some one who I can love. One must die who should it be me or my child.

I hope you guys enjoy! I know it's been a while and I do hope to post more

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