Meeting him

18 year old Harriet has been sent to boarding school/collage across the country till she graduates, she loves the idea of being away from home and loves it even more when she finds the boy of her dreams


1. new school

I woke up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock, it was 6:30am. I get out my bed and drag myself to the bathroom (I'm not a good morning person). I have a warm shower to wake me up and blow dry my hair and let my long brown natural waves fall loosely down my back as I choose what to wear for the day, I choose a pair of denim heigh waisted shorts and a white tank top that says #sexysalmonswagger on it. I tie a bandanna in my hair before putting on my mint converse and make my way back into the bath room to brush my teeth. After I have brushed my teeth I make my down the stairs to be greeted by my mum. "Good morning Harriet" "morning mum" I say as I walk past her to get my bowl of cereal, I look in the cubord and I'm all out of my golden nuggets "mum who finished the last golden nuggets?" "Tommy did honey". Tommys my little brother he's 10. "Oh well I'll skip breakfast this morning" "ok sweetie, have you packed for boarding school?" "Yes mum that's the 5th time you have asked me that" "yes i know but knowing you, you would just say yes to get out of it" "haha true" after the conversation with my mum I run upstairs to get my 2 large suitcases for boarding school/collage. I run downstairs almost tripping over with how excited I am and say bye to tommy and my mum drives me to the train station their are more people going here than I thought. I say bye to my mum and get on the train, I look behind to see her crying and waving like mad, I bite down on my tongue so I don't cry either and continue trying to find a seat.


Heelllloooo this is my first fanfic and I wanted to give writing ago, please like and comment and I hope you liked it ☺️

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