Milo. A kid who dreams. Sounds normal? Not when Milo begins to find himself in places he doesn't know how he's got to, they don't seem real, will he be able to cope? Or will he buckle under the weight of non-reality? Everything seems to be like a dream...


1. Milo

Some people think Milo is a strange kid. He has a huge imagination and doesn't pay much attention. Ever. His school teachers think he has ADHD as he is always off somewhere else in a different planet, with the fairies or something. No one knows what goes on inside his head, and if they did, their heads would probably explode. He is always getting told off for day-dreaming and even then he doesn't pay any attention.

When Milo is asleep, he has crazy dreams. When his head hits that pillow its the signal for his brain to create stories until his eyes open in the morning. Milo loves his dreams and hates having to wake up and go to school.

When he does wake up he goes to bathroom looks in the mirror, wets his brown hair down so he doesn't look like a fool and then goes downstairs. His mum makes him breakfast, its never anything exciting, just some cereal or buttered toast. He finishes that and then leaves for school. Wearing his usual uniform of plain white buttoned shirts, black blazer, Black trousers, black shoes and finally a red and blue striped tie. Milo thinks this whole setup is extremely boring, he believes that you should be aloud to wear your own clothes to school and show a little creativity, maybe it would show people a little more about yourself.

Anyway, he gets into school and goes to his classroom, he sits down doesn't bother getting anything out of his bag, but he daydreams, letting his mind whirr, creating scenarios, going to different worlds. Or just having an adventure right there on his seat, he would stare at the whiteboard but won't be reading anything on it, to him its a blur, to him its irrelevant.

Miss Stone, his teacher, doesn't like Milo at all, he doesn't learn anything and she is constantly shouting trying to get his attention, he is sent out the classroom, which for him isn't a punishment, its a reward. He would stand outside and continue his daydream in peace, until Miss Stone came out and gave him a talking to. She should know by now that this doesn't work and that she should stop trying to teach him things and just leave him be, after all, he won't listen.

He's too busy. In his head.


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