The girl on the rock

This is a short story that I wrote in class, its based on a photo from the internet


1. The girl on the rock...

I wouldn't stop walking. I could hear them calling my name. Could I not escape for 5 minutes? I walked further and further away until the screaming of my friends and family stopped. Finally silence. The only sounds I could hear was my loud footsteps on the rocky mountain floor, my loud, panting breath and the rustling of the big trees in front of me. It was exactly what I needed. I needed an escape. The sound of nothing had always relaxed me, and that was what I needed right now. 


I walked higher and higher up to the top of the mountain. I could feel that burning sensation in my throat. I could taste the cold hair on my tongue. Thats when then silence was gone. Someone else was up here. At 12:00 at night? No, no thats not right. I walked towards the sound of snapping sticks and broken screams. I couldn't say I wasn't frightened. What if I had walked into the trap of a killer? What if the end of the cliff was only 5 centimetres away, and I fell?


 I walked another few minutes when I saw her. A sobbing girl with the moon reflecting off her back. The view from here was gorgeous. The yellow moon reflecting off her black dress. Her hair waving in the wind. Her arms gracefully pulled behind her back. I walked over to her. The young girl, who looked 16, turned around sensing my presence. She smiled a weak smile, I smiled back. 

“Are you okay?” I asked, she gave another weak smile and took a step forward. 

Why was she crying? I guess I will never know. She’s now a person in my past and she has no future.


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