my only chef

my name is jay young,yes! im a girl i don't know why my parents name me that.. but it doesn't matter anymore,i am 20 years old
i am a chef in the restaurant of mr. styles...
well her full name is harry styles he is 23 years old
but i don't like her because he is so moody..
i only work for her restaurant because my dad have a brain cancer..
my mom died when i was 16 years old,she died in the car crash.
.i'm the only child that's why i am working so hard because i don't want my dad to leave me too..


2. i want you to meet them

Harry's POV
after jay talk to me, yesterday about her making another meal, and now i'm in here in the office of my restaurant... i kinda like bored today i don't know why, me and my friends are going to meet in 15 minutes
you think i'm just a man with no friends you're wrong darling.. well 
i have niall horan, her father owns a hospital, well niall he kinda like spend all her money for some party.. and now he is working for her dad in the hospital.
and i have liam payne he owns a restaurant too, he is 23 years old and niall as well
and there's zayn malik he owns a best tattoo shop same age too
and the last is louis tomlinson her dad is lawyer and her mom too, and he is 24 years old...

i close my laptop, grab my car keys and my phone..i walk to my car and drive to the cafe were the boys and i going to meet..

niall's pov
i'm in here in the hospital, i can't stop thinking about that girl jay.. when i call her there's a hint of hurt in her body, i want to tell her about her dad but her dad told me not to tell her..
so i'm about to walk to the front door to meet my best mates but before i walk, someone came outside in the room of lucas young, and i know that is jay young the one i talk to the phone little while she crying?? yes she is crying
i don't know what im about to do but i walk towards her.. "jay?" i ask
he look at me, gosh she is beautiful.. "yeah" he said "i'm niall horan, the one who talk to the phone about your dad" i said, i don't know what i'm geting into this "yeah, well thank you for calling" she said and now she is crying, the next thing i did is hug her tight, she looks surprise but she hugs me back...
"i don't know what i will do if my dad is going to die" she said "it's okay" i said rubbing her back to know that i'm here for her..
after 5 minutes of huging in the middle of the hallway, she stop the hug and wipe her tears and look at me "sorry about your shirt, it's wet" she said "it's okay love" i said with smile " i uhh jay, i know we kinda like didn't know each other but, will you go out with me today"

jay's pov
"i uhh jay, i know we kinda lime didn't know each other but, will you go out with me today" niall said ..
i'am shock, what niall said to me before i talk he cut me and said 
"it's okay if you don't like, i dont wan-" i cut her by saying "yes" he look surprise by my answer but i just smile at her and nodded..
"well i just need to change my shirt" he said with a big smile on her face...

***in the car of niall***
we talk about some on things i didn't expect to heard, niall her dad owns a hospital that my dad are resting on, niall works for her dad now to earn a money because niall spend her all money in the party..
"well since you know me now, tell me about yourself" niall said..

"well my name is jay courtney young, i was born in feb 25 my favorite color is blue, i'm not a really girly girl who is really like fashion, my dad's name is lucas young and my mom name is martina young, i'm the only child, 
my mom died in the car accident when i was 16 years old" i said with a smile 
"well we are here" niall said parking her car, "well jay it's not are real date today because i'm going to meet my four best mates and i want you to meet them all" he said, i just nodded and we walk to the cafe, niall grab my hand and we walk holding hands...
we  get inside the cafe and walk towards the table with four guys but someone caught my eye,

the boy have a curly hair just like my devil boss, her back is facing me so i didn't see her.... "well about time niall" the boy with many tattoos and her hair is black.. 
"sorry man" niall said and not to my surprise it's harry my boss he look confuse 
"well guys i want you to meet jay" niall said, i just said a simple hi and they all nodded except to harry he just turn around and drink her coffee "well jay this is zayn, liam, louis and harry" niall said i smile to them and me and niall sit next to each other still holding hands  

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