my only chef

my name is jay young,yes! im a girl i don't know why my parents name me that.. but it doesn't matter anymore,i am 20 years old
i am a chef in the restaurant of mr. styles...
well her full name is harry styles he is 23 years old
but i don't like her because he is so moody..
i only work for her restaurant because my dad have a brain cancer..
my mom died when i was 16 years old,she died in the car crash.
.i'm the only child that's why i am working so hard because i don't want my dad to leave me too..


1. i only have one week

Jay's POV
i already heard the devil shouting.... ugghh he always do that, by the way here i'am in the kitchen of satan cooking the special order i invented, all the customer like my special order... my boss didn't do anything to me but to other employees he always do is shout or swear.. for example "c'mon double time!!" " fuck dan you always do the wrong work!!" "mike you fuck go back there and tell the customer that the order is coming" he always says that word

"jay" i came back to my reality and i turn around to see my boss staring at me "yeah" i said waiting for her to talk and turn around to cook again "since that you invented the special order and the customer likes it, i want you to make another food and name it your name" i stood frozen, i turn around and harry is gone..

what the hell, is that a joke..well i know that is a joke because, since he told anna the other chef to have a 1week vacation and anna came back after one week, he fired her and harry told anna that, that is a joke..haha well that is not a funny joke... so maybe i will asked her later about that

i don't want harry to fired me just because of her fucking joke or something

so tired i'am about to walk towards the front door but i remember that i'm going to ask harry about he said to me lately earlier  
i walk to her offiice and knock three times and i heard a "come in" 
i walk and sit in the front of her desk "what's the problem jay?" harry said the look on her face is clueless "well about that shit you told me" i said "what about it" he said with a small smile plastered on her face "well fuck, you told me to create another meal and name my name?, are you serious?" i said in relax tone " i'm serious jay" he said "well i thought you are joking or something" i said "no i'm not joking jay, you thought that i'm joking and fired you?" he asked i nodded "well i know i did that to anna but i have a reason to fire her not just i said to her to have a 1 week vacation and tell her that i'm joking" i nodded again and speak "okay mr. styles" i said and stood up "call me harry" he said with a smirk "okay harry"


after i talk to harry, i drive to the house, i quickly walk towards my closet and took my blue pajamas and my white tshirt with "ilovemymom" printed on it..

i took out my working clothes and put my jammy and my tshirt and walk towards my bed and lie down and went to sleep..

i woke up to my phone ringing i took it to my beside table, i look at my phone and i saw a unknown number i accept it and bring my phone to my ear "hello" i said
"is this jay young, daughter of mr.lucas young?" he asked "speaking" i said,confuse in my face 
"well my name is niall horan your dad's nurse,mr.young wants you to come to the hospital" he said in a sad tone 
"what happen to my dad?" i said worried "i think mr.young will tell you if get in here now" niall the nurse says

"okay okay, tell her i will be there in 10" i said i a rush tone... "okay" he said and ended the call..

i quickly walk to my bathroom and take a shower,
after i shower i dry my hair and put some mascara,foundation and lipbam and walk towards to my closet..
since it's sunday maybe i will wear a jeans and a black tshirt and put my black converse.. i took my blue iphone 5c and put it in my pocket and went to my kitchen to get my car key in the table..

after i drive to the hospital i walk to the elevator and press, floor 3 i didn't have to go to the front desk to ask my dad's room because every sunday i always go in here and be with my father, but today since that niall guy call me and told me that my father wants me in here now, it feel strange and i know that their something wrong...
i get back to my reality when the elevator ding and that's my cue that im in here in my dad's floor..

this is it my dad's room 65A.. i didn't have to knock because this is my dad's room right? well i open it and saw a not happy man lie down in the bed while reading a magazin.. 
i walk towards my dad and when he turn her head to look at me he gave me a small smile..
i sit beside her and hold her hand " hi dad" i said and kiss her cheek "hi sweetie how are you?" 
he ask in a low tone "i'm good dad, you?" i ask " i'm good" he said but i think the look on her face is like he is nervous 
"are you okay dad?" i ask in a serious tone "jay, honey i wanted to tell you something" my dad said and grip her hand on mine but not to much..
"tell me dad, what is it?" i said...
"jay, the doctor said that i only have one week left, 
i stop the chemo jay because i know that you're doing hard in your work and you always taking care of me, 
i know that you want to go to travel around the world because that is your dream jay, i don't want to ruin it"
my dad said in sad tone i saw her tears are running down to her face and he quickly wipe it away
" but dad i want to travel with you, dad i don't know what i will do if you died, theirs a chance dad get a chemo and you will live a happy life again, just try again dad, mom leaves us and you, you gonna leave me too, plss. dad don't do this to me i love you so much, you are the only family i have dad"
i said pleaded with teary eyes
"honey i know it's hard to you and me but,jay i want this if i died you will no longer be tired of me" he said wiping my tears 
"but dad i'm not tired, i'm going to be taking care of you" i said still holding my dad's hand 
"jay do this for me" dad said in a serious tone, i don't have a choice so
i just simply nodded and dad kiss my  forehead

"i love you so much jay, remember that" dad said "i know that dad, i love you too so much" i said and hug her in long time..i'm going to miss my dad's embrace..

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