my only chef

my name is jay young,yes! im a girl i don't know why my parents name me that.. but it doesn't matter anymore,i am 20 years old
i am a chef in the restaurant of mr. styles...
well her full name is harry styles he is 23 years old
but i don't like her because he is so moody..
i only work for her restaurant because my dad have a brain cancer..
my mom died when i was 16 years old,she died in the car crash.
.i'm the only child that's why i am working so hard because i don't want my dad to leave me too..


3. i like you

Harry's pov
"hey guys i have to go" i said with small smile.. "harry we just got here" zayn said..
i don't know what i'm doing but, i just want to go home, i feel like i don't want jay to talk to niall because i know niall he don't date, he just pick a girl from the club and sleep with them..

i don't want jay to be hurt like many other girls.. my fucking feelings about jay is getting bigger, yeah since jay work for me i got the feeling that i like her, but i know jay didn't like me, because of my attitude to my employees,.. when niall introduced jay to us, i feel like i need to punch niall in the face and tell her that jay is mine but, 
niall is my best mate and i don't want to ruin our friendship just for one girl.. "mate sorry but i don't feel well" i lied.. 
"what do you feel" to my surprise jay ask looking concern. "i don't know, i feel like i want to sleep all day" i said and stood up.. "do you need help" liam said "nah i'm good mate" i said with a smile.. i walk towards the front door and walk to my car and drive...

jay's pov 
what happen to harry??, well i'm concern about her because he is my boss and niall's friend, i don't know why i feel about this, it's like i want to take harry home and take care of him, i feel like i have a little feelings about her.."are you alright love?" niall ask

"yeah, i'm alright" i said and gave her a small smile and sip my coffee "well jay you should come to my party this friday" Louis said..."i don't know about that louis, i always go to my mom every friday, so i think i'll pass" i said to them..

"jay you told me that you're mom died" niall said.. oh poor niall.."niall used your common sense, yeah i will visit my mom in the cemetery" i said with a big smile on my face.. "well jay i wish you would be there, it's really fun" zayn said..
"sorry guys maybe next time" i said..

after three hours of talking some shit i already like this lads
i know zayn he is a quiet one and he doesn't know how to swim
i know louis too well he kinda acting like 4 years old and he is a funny one
i know liam, he is the serious guy kinda like a mature one
and of course my date niall he is irish and i like her laugh, well he likes food..
"jay are you ready to go" niall ask i just nodded and we drove to the hospital since my car is there..
after a minute of silence niall talk "jay" niall said "yeah?" i said looking at him in the driver seat..

"jay i don't know what is going on about me but i feel like you're not the other girls that i met, it feels like i can trust you and i can love you..JAY I LIKE YOU" niall said...

3 words that i didn't expect to hear I LIKE YOU, I LIKE YOU, I LIKE YOU.. i repeat it all over again,
i didn't know that we are here now in the hospital.. i don't know what i'm doing but i just leaned and kiss niall in the lips..
her lips is so soft and so good, after it niall kiss me back and we move in sync..
we pulled back and i just stare at her beautiful blue eyes and said the words to her  "I LIKE YOU TOO NIALL" i said with a smile we kiss again and pulled back just a 30 seconds kiss

niall walk me to my car i open the driver side, not closing the door yet.. niall just staring at me with a big smile plastered on her face.. "what" i ask smiling to..

"well i'm just lucky that i had an amazing time with a beautiful girl and i'm staring at her because i want to capture her face in my mind" niall said with smirk..
"you're to cheezy" i said, he just smirk again making me blush..
"niall stop i'm blushing" i said covering my face... 
i feel to big warm hands wrap in my small hand
niall uncovered my face and smile again.. "don't cover your face baby, you are beautiful when you blush or not" niall said and kiss my cheek

"well jay you should go home and rest, we have a date tomorrow 7pm i'm going to pick you up so give me your phone and i will save my num. so that you can txt me your address" niall said i took my phone in my pocket and give it to niall... he gave it back to me "well see you tomorrow niall" i said with a smile

"see u tomorrow baby" niall said and peck my lips, i close the door and drive to my house..

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