mustaches are cool

when the eleventh doctor dies and the new doctor comes he he has struggles fitting in... alot


1. it happend all so fast

clara's p.o.v

as he took his bow tie off i started to cry.he was the one who was running the tardis.

his hand started to glow "please don't leave me"he smiled and boom just like that he turned. 

he looked at me strait in the eyes. he was old,face wrinkled. i was scared and then he yelled "my kidney" i look at him strange .then the tardis rocked "whats happening" he went up to the gadgets "we are crashing" 


he tried to get it straighten out.but failed.

we landed in the time were the pilgrims first settled.we got out of of the tardis. i look around to see wood being chopped down and houses  filled with kids. 

"well hi we got on the wrong foot hi my name is peter capaldi"

"hi,i am clara"

i shook his hand and headed are way. we went to each house greeting people.they looked at us in a weird way so i went and grabbed a dress. i came out to see peter with a fake mustache

"nice mustache "

he smiled and we went out to the wood but to what we did not know is that they can see you but we cant see them. 




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