Picture Perfect

He's a jock and she's a photographer.
This should workout fine. Right?

©Ziall_Is_Real copyright 2014


2. Needing a New Camera


I tried getting in the house quietly, that didn't work so well.

"Jordan is that you?" Damn it "yea it's me mum. Going to take a shower! it's that ok?" "Yes and you don't have to yell I'm two rooms away from you."

I didn't care what she said. I stripped naked and picked out my clothes for afterwards. Looking in the mirror and noticed this this girl that I didn't know. I touched my belly when my mum suddenly walked in. I used my towel to cover myself.

"Mum!" "Sorry sweetheart. You know your a beautiful girl. From your black hair to your tiny toes." I smiled a little to what she said. "I'm not a baby mum and I don't have tiny toes." My mum chuckled lightly and said dinner was all set up.


It's a lie don't believe her.

It's a lie don't believe her.

It's a lie don't believe her.

It's a lie don't believe her.

"Honey honey honey!" My mum screamed worried. Her eyes had only worry in them. "You were zoned out for so long. What were you thinking about?" "Nothing mum just the English test tomorrow." Her sigh was soft and full of relief. She looked up and smile.

"Can you pack everything up I'm not feeling good." "Yeah sure. Dot you need medicine?" "I drank some already."

I lied down on my bed and remember that little voice in my head. It sounded like a broken replay button. "I just need some sleep that's all yeah sleep.


I dressed up a little and went to the camera store. I closed the door slowly because my mum was sleeping. On my walk I saw that guy from yesterday. I forgot all about him. Not wanting to talk to him I put my head down.

I heard a faint "Alex, Toby, Leo can you by me and Alexa gelato?" "Ugh I'm going to be broke from you two." A voice chuckled In the background. I smiled myself wishing I had people to care for.


I walked into the door but I accidentally pulled instead of push. 'I'm such an idiot.'

"Nice work clumsy Ella," Alan said " what camera are you looking for today?" "I need a camera that takes HD pictures and is about under..." I checked my wallet to see how much I had. "20?"

"Look JP the cheapest HD camera is $47. Sorry." I sighed I just walked out the store without caring to say goodbye.

On my way back home I saw this little kid, she looked like she was about to cry. I ran up to her and asked her what's wrong. We started talking a little bit found out her name was Lisa and she was out her because she got lost. It was hard to talk to her at first because she said "talking to strangers is bad." We stayed there in the spot I found her just in case her brother looks here.


We didn't talk and if you were here, you wish you weren't. There was yelling coming from somewhere but it was faint.

"Lisa!" Closer "Lisa!" Closer "Lisa!"

"Alex," I looked down to see Lisa crying again. My reflex came in and I pulled her into a hug.

"Why the fuck are you hugging my sister?" It was that voice from before, I looked up and saw Mr.Alex Adams. "S…sorry." "That's not an answer!" "She started crying I-I I had too." "That's not the true, I bet you hurt her and that's why she's crying." What answer does he want from me. He's tiring.

I must have been lost in my thoughts because a big sting was felt in my face. I put my hand on the sting and was more scared then before. I ran and ran until my leg muscles screamed.

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