Picture Perfect

He's a jock and she's a photographer.
This should workout fine. Right?

©Ziall_Is_Real copyright 2014


3. It Just Happened


I was still furious at that girl Jordan, no one except my family can touch Lisa. I was thinking about things the whole walk home.


When we got home Leo snapped at me. "You idiot! This is why we never leave you alone with her!" "I didn't mean to. It just hap-" I got the cut off by Troy. "It just happened isn't an excuse in my book! You use it every time something bad happens." I was about to begin talking but was rudely cut off again.

"Yeah, remember when you forgot Alexis birthday."

"Or when you took my girlfriend." I thought Leo forgot about that. Oops?

"What? How was I suppose to know it was his girlfriend?" "Maybe hen I bought her over to meet mum and dad that exact night!" "Well… well?" "See you don't even have a reason! She was two years older! What did you do to her a week later?!" Leo yelled furiously. I was staying quiet and everyone was staring at me waiting for the answer.

"I broke up with her because she was clingy." I mumbled.

"Sorry. What was that? I couldn't hear you." He was smirking.

"I said... I broke up with her," I answered a lot for clearer "because she was clingy."

We argued the whole night.


It's morning and while I'm getting my school uniform on, I see Leo walk past my room. We started at each other a little and laughed. Guess he forgot about the whole situation. Then some strong scent was smelt.

"Ugh. What's that horrible scent?" I cringed my nose and so did Leo.

"Hey it's my new cologne, using it to get with Bella." He said while fixing his green senior shirt up a little.

"Are you talking about Nerdy, slutty, Italian or smelly?" Wow we have a lot of Bellas'

"Nerdy. I got a dared to go on a date with her."

"I don't think it's a good idea," I sounded really unsure and I was.

"Why? It not like I'm going to fall in love with her."

"There is a chance you will." Alexis started crying and Leo ran into her room to came her down.

"Hell no! She is such a nerd and at least I won't slap her." How would he… how would he know that he was a his mate's house. That stinking smirk makes me sick.

"How do-"

"Know that? When we found Lisa, I saw a girl walking away with a slap mark on her face and you walked out right after."

"She was holding Lisa and the only people allowed to touch her is our family." He just chuckled at my statement.

"When did you become mum and dad? Huh?" Is he fucking serious? Oh my god. My blood was boiling that it could make an egg on a hot Australian day. I just lost it!

"When the fuck did mum and dad ever care for us?! Mum's doesn't work late she just goes around fucking every guy that gives her a glance! Dad knows it that's why he travels to get away from us because we look so much like mum!" I was breathing heavily after that. Huff.

"I'm not fight you anymore," he walked away but then turned back to say "you're not perfect and all you are to me is pathetic."


Damn. I'm going to make it, I'm going to make it.

*ding dong*

I didn't make it. My role call teacher laughed a little then said "Go to the office and get a slip."

Next Chapter: I'm Sorry.

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