Loving him

Lauren was a normal teenage girl at the age of 19 until her parents divorced and both left her. She also left to try and restart her life, and everything changed when she met Niall...


1. Gone


"Bye honey," my mom whispered, then kissed my hair. "Your dad will look after you." Then she left. Gone. She was gone from my life. I stared at the door, tears welling up in my eyes.

"Dad," I yelled. "Dad!" I panicked. He was just here beside me! Then I heard the sound of a car motor starting outside. I rushed to the door, and opened it.

I found dad looking out the window of his car looking proud. "Dad, what the hell are you doing?!" I yelled.

He grinned evilly at me, then laughed. "Well, since your mom is gone and I never really cared about you I'm going to leave. Oh, and I also sold the house. You might want to pack your stuff before they move in, cuz they have a bad temper." He smirked. Then he added,"and they love sex and are pretty abusive, so watch out!"

"Dad, there's no fucking way you're doing that! I'm your own daughter! You can't!" I cried. He gave me a look of pure disgust, and said "well it would be better if you weren't my daughter so let's change it to that." Then he drove away, leaving me standing in the dust in shock and sadness.

"No..." My nightmare came true. "Why me?!" I sobbed. Soon I shakily made my way back into the house and started packing. Once I was done, I texted my cousin Cameron(Cam for short) what happened and went to the airport.


I was so tired of the fans that kept screaming in our faces, wanting kisses, pictures, and autographs. "Paul, help please," I yelled. He nodded at me and sent 3 bodyguards to me. I groaned and massaged my throbbing head.

"Boo!!" Someone shrieked behind me. I nearly fell over. "Who the fuck- CAM!!!! How did you end up here?!" I asked, delighted. Cam and I were the best of friends before, but when he moved away we lost touch.

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"Well hello to you too. And I'm here to go to California with my cousin."

"Great! We're going to California to have a break in our flat! We can meet up or something."

"Actually, can we stay at your flat for a bit until we find a place to live?"

"Sure. When's your cousin coming?"

"Should be about now..." He scanned the crowd of fans and found a girl that had dark hair and green eyes. In my opinion, she was really pretty.

"Hey Cam," she said, casually throwing her arm around his shoulders.

"Hey Lauren. This is Niall," he said, pointing at me. "He's going to California with the rest of the boys too. We're going to have to stay with them in their flat for a while, ok?"

"Sure. Hey Niall," she said smiling at me. I felt my heart flutter.

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