Animal Crossing New Leaf

Ending up in a foreign town is stressful. Moving, getting a home, and getting along with other people. But what if they aren't people but animals and you're suddenly put in the position of the mayor?


1. The day

I woke up after a short sleep and walked around the house to make sure I wasn't missing anything. At my age it's normal to go away from home when your parents believe you are ready for it. I chose where I wanted to go ages ago though, a nice little town named Twinleaf.

I've never been there myself but I saw pictures and read about it. It's small, relaxed and beautiful I heard so I'm not stressed out about getting lost there and the train goes directly there. I picked up my bag and I ran out the door when I heard the train coming past our house. "Mom I think that's the train, I'll write to you soon when I arrive!" My mom was about to let me leave anyway "Ok, but make sure you arrive, I'll miss you!" I ran 2 minutes to the station and just got on the carriage.

It was almost empty which was no surprise. Not many people pass Twinleaf or go there. There was a cat sitting a couple of seats away from me but I don't think he noticed I came on. I put my bag down on the seat next to me and looked out the window at the village I grew up in. I was going to be gone a while living somewhere else on my own but of course I'll get help as the atmosphere is very friendly around our area.

The cat stood up for a few seconds. I thought he was getting off the stop before mine but he then came towards the seats I was sitting opposite and asked "Hey, mind if I sit here?" I didn't mind about anything so I nodded. "Thanks, I haven't done this many train rides for years in fact I think the last time I travelled this much was 2003..." He added. I asked his name and he's called Rover.

Pretty strange name for a cat I thought. Humans and animals usually live together in towns so it's normal to be talking to cats as we speak the same language. "Where are you heading to?" He asked and I just quietly replied "Twinleaf town". He asked me if I had ever been there. "No but I've heard of it. I'm moving there today".  He looked surprised and asked me why I was then moving there if I had never been there. "I'll be fine" I quickly added. He stood up to get off and said "I'm sure you'll be fine, it's a nice place" and he walked off. Talking to him made me feel more comfortable but I wondered why there were more animals then humans here as it's normally more balanced. 

"Now arriving at Twinleaf Town station" The train speaker announced. I quickly got my bag and waited by the door and slowly stepped off the carriage. I walked around the station wondering what to do next before I saw a group of animals clapping as I stepped outside the station.

"It's our new mayor! Welcome to Twinleaf Town!" I saw a yellow/cream coloured dog that looked like a shih-tzu. I knew she was talking about me but I knew I certainly wasn't the mayor. I've never even been here before! I whispered under my breath "Oh god what do I do" and the dog said "We have been waiting for you, please tell us your name!"

I wondered why they would need to know the name of someone who was going to run their town but I quietly murmured "My name is Luciana but I'm not sure if I'm meant to be the mayor. I've just moved here" The dog happily chanted "Looks like our new mayor is also quite a joker! "Hi Luciana, my name is Isabelle!" and the bells on her collar where jingling. She was so cute yet strange. "Come with me to your new office and I'll show you around the town!" she almost sang and I knew there was no turning back. I am more than just a resident.

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