I used to always create a mumble and talk endlessly. Now, I have this movella with 2 other amazing movellians, to talk on and on without making any sense. Welcome to my thoughts.


4. *yawn* - Stormy

Do you still want me to shut up? If so, just go tell me how my art is. I'm gonna start roleplaying everything I do. *rolls over* *hugs Miami* *goes to skype* *sighs with disappointment* *looks around* *decided to stop roleplaying* *rests my feet on Miami* "Sorreh kitteh ;3;" Sooooo... Miami is purring. Oooooooo... the iPad keyboard looks nice with inverted colors. I wish there was keyboard options. I would have a keyboard like this. I've started to realise that I'm typing in very short sentances, leading to my want to type long sentances with no end and cats are everywhere and its raining acid and a zombie just crawled by my window and my blanket is fuzzy and soft and zebra print and big and warm and comfortable. I hope you like my short sentances better now. G E T  U S E D  T O  T H I S .  I  W I L L  S T O P . Yeah. That got old quickly. I want my friends to randomly type like I do. I'm gonna send out some co author thingys to some people I have had conversations with and the people I can call a friend. 

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