I used to always create a mumble and talk endlessly. Now, I have this movella with 2 other amazing movellians, to talk on and on without making any sense. Welcome to my thoughts.


15. Sickness and News - Stormy

My nose has been slightly bleeding for 2-3 days now. I also can't breathe out of that nostril. My throat has been hurting. Now to the news. I'm grounded. For like... months. Lel. Here is my solution- (I've been doing this) To start this, here is my room layout. My door is in a corner. My stand thing with my TV, PS3, and all dat shiz, is next to my door. Miami's cat tree is next to that. Then I have this bookcase that I can easily move. Next there is my closet, the desk I never use, my window, and my bed. I use my stand thing to help block the light from my laptop, which  i sneak on every night. I put my laptop on Miami's cat tree. When I'm done with my laptop for the night, I put it behind my bookshelf, where I also have its charger. Pretty smart, huh? Also, when I have my phone, I use 4G and do stoof on apps when I'm at school. When I'm allowed to watch Netflix, I'm not supposed to be chatting. Well, I always have a chat with about 2-10 people. I have recently been in a chat with Sonic, Saddle, Soul/Saber, Eye, Silver, Nerd, Green, Qcici, Kage, Sergio, SSG, BBG, Jade, Lego, and Cool. I'm just trying to make my shading better and stuff so don't expect art. I have some stuff to upload though... meh... I'll get to it.

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