I used to always create a mumble and talk endlessly. Now, I have this movella with 2 other amazing movellians, to talk on and on without making any sense. Welcome to my thoughts.



1. My Chemical Romance- my chemical romance (FUCK YEAH!)

2. Paramore- oaranmore

3. Three Days Grace- tjeee daus hrace (Dafuq?)

4. Panic! At The Disco- panic at the disco (OMG YAY! XD)

5.Hands Like Houses- hands like  joises

6. Marianas Trench- marianas tremcj

7. All Time Low- all time low (YAY!)

8. Pierce The Veil- Pierc the berol

9. Black Veil Brides- black beil nrifrd (lol wtf?)

10. Sleeping With Sirens- sleepimg wiothj sorems (LMFAO WTF)

11. Snow White's Poison Bite- snow whites posomn note

12. Metallica- mrysllivs

13. Pink Floyd- pink gloty

14. #Louela (My shipping name for me and my crush)- #loiela (Close enough)

15. Demi Lovato- dami loato

16. Human Centipede- human centipefd

17. PewDiePie- Pewforpro (OH MY GOD THAT'S COOL!)

18. XxMikioakaxX- xxmikiaokaxx (Bk, lol)

19. Sailor Moon- sailor moon

20. Shane Dawson- sjame fawosomn

21. Polish- polisj

22. Kansas- kansas

23. The Moody Blues- the moodu vlird

24. Movellas- movellas

25. Nokia- nokia

26. Traffic Report- tragic teport

27. Crestfallen- crestgallen

28. Collide With The Sky- collide with the sky

29. Lady Speed Stick- ladu speed syivk

30. Irish Last Names- Irish last names

31. Candy Box- cnadu bok

32. Newfoundland- newgoinflsmf

33. Noah is a douche canoe- Noajh is a doucje canor

34. Boulevard of broken dreams- boulrbartf og btokern ftrsmd

35. Orange Sapphire- orande sappjore

36. Green Day- greeb day

37. Toxic Tears- tociv trstd

38. Boots- boots

39. Kitty Cat- kitty cat

40. Musical- musical

41. Perfume- perfume

42. Camaro- camaro

43. Chevrolet- Chevrolet

44. Wattpad- wattpad

45. Projection- projection

46. Delete- feleye

47. Orange Juice- orange jioce

48. Consequences- consequemces

49. Long live the black parade- long libe the nlack parade

50. My dog is sleeping on my bed- my dog is sleeping on my bed

20/50 phrases... CRAP!


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