G is For Ginger Genius - Torchwood/Doctor Who

My Names Rosamund. im wanted by the federal government for several reasons, even though i am indeed an adversary. My parents are buffoons, the most wanted idiots in the world, and im the organ grinder, watching them dance around like imbeciles. I'm a genius in fact, but my parents are to abusive and rude to give a care, so they use me against my will. i hated helping them. i was no longer a devil, i was going to be an angel. im going to be a Ginger Genius.


3. Daleks, Confetti , and Whipped Cream

I heard a bit of silence from both leads, along with a few crashes and buzzes that occasionaly caused me to jump a bit.

"hello? call My Immortal Bisexual? Earth to Mr. Harkness?






"Im fine, just had to stay silent, and thans to you, i was almost found by a dalek!" he scoplded me, sounding a bit like an overcaring mother.

I chuckled, my head spinning as i was well aware of the situation i was bound to be in.

"Jack, you cant die, you know that. it doesnt mater whether a Dalek is iin a crabby mood or not, okay." i breath deeply as i resist the urge to blow him to smithereens, even though he still might live.

no he couldnt. the earpiece is palced near the frontal and back cortex, making it an instant deth trap. if he evn tried to pry it off, c4 would blow his head tobits.

not that that isnt cool as heck, i dont exactly want my only adversaires dead at this early in the game.


Gosh, im sounding Like Jim.

"Jack, Ianto , both of you do me a favor, and Lure the daleks inside the building as best as yuo can, the higher the better. and if you die dont worry, i have an automatic reboot." i clicked my tongue, and with a few clicks, the both of eventually agreed.


after a bit of watching, i grinned gleefuly as i watched them dance gracefully out of the Daleks veiw, and slowly bringing them high.

i was on the 8th floor,

Jack and Ianto both running from the wayward dalek that was on level 5.


"That will do perfectly." i murmur to myself, and open another tab, tapping the microphone gently and buzzing back into the conversation.


"Jack, Ianto, you okay?" i asked, my voice holding a hint of worry.

like i said, a 'hint'.


"Yeah, no thanks to you! You forgot to warn us a-"

"the crazy Dalek on level 5, i know. buit it was alot funnier watching you guys freak out when you were cornered.

you should have seen your faces! PRICLESS!" i giggled,falling over, the microphone accidentlall coming from the headphone jack with a slight yank.

with a small thud, i hit the floor, cursing against whoever built this building.

"not cool." Jack grunted, i saw his red dot blinking perodically as he quickly dashed dowbn the stair, the yellow dot flashing next to him Indictating Ianto was also leaving.


"Whatever. Im going to be out son, no matter wehat, dont come in, got it? I swear to god if i find you even laying a finger on the doorknob after you step out of the building, i swear Harkness, that on my life, i will have your head blown to bits!" i hised under my breath as i quickly shoved my laptop in my computer back , grabbing my headphones and remote.


with the stealth of a cat on a sugar high, i slipped out of the hallways, dashing dow the stairs with small condescending thuds as i desceended, a small hop indicating i was at the 5th floor.


i smiled, pulling out my special weapon.

lets do this.


slowly, i kept walking , my shoes sliding silently as i slid further down the halls, following the bickk , slowly beeping black dot that seemed to op around the map , almost happily surrendering its life.


with a quick glance, i turned the corner, and smile as i saw the Dalek , running into the wall, hitting the wall over and over again, backing up and going forth time after time after time.

with a quick flip of my phone, i recorded the hillarity, stifling back a laugh as i watched the idiot Dalek try its best to.... and i quote...

'exterminate the honeycomb'

with a devious smirk, i held out the remote, and with the flick of the red switch, and the repid typing of butons that slowly hacked iside, slowly the dalek became dumber then a rock.


within 3 seconds, i ran up to the dalek shell, and unscrewed the lid, and scooped out the dalek that was now an unstable pink color, and was muttering something about rainbows and time lords.


with a quick wind back , and a chuck, i slammed the into the window, the glas shattering, ad with a squish, the dalek his the road below, cuasing me to burst out laughing.


with a quick wipe of the tear of happiness, i hooped into the hollowed dalek shell, and put the top back on.

instantly, i started hacking into the systems, making a few changes.


within 2 minutes, i grine dmadly, and with the flick of a joystick, i flew down the stairs.


"YOU WIL;L SURRENDER OR BE EXTERMINATED!" i shouted into themicrophone that was modulating my voice, making me sound like a Dalek.


instantyly, i paraded down the hall , and burst into the janitors closet.


"YOU WILL COME OR BE EXTERMINATED!"  i repeated, the edge in the voice causing my mom to drop the flash drive on the floor, my dad halfway through pushing himself through the small hole that was the airduct above the building.

a bit cliche , isnt it!?

scared for there lives, they both nodded, and followed as i lead them out the door, having them hold there hyands in the air.


slowly, i marched up to captain Jack , and he instantly got out his plasma gun.


"ARREST THESE 2!" i demandede, stifling a slioght giggle as i let go of the voice intercom button.

Jack looked a bit surpsied at it, but instantly did what he was supposed to as i moved the gun in his direction.


 i shouted, and with one last laugh, i pressed the button.











Jacks POV


I watched in horror.

with a buzzing , i ducked down.

i waited for a bit, the slowlygazed up , and felt something cool on my head.

 what the heck?" i asked, and put my hand, and pulled it back to reveal white fluffy stuff, and....
















i looked back up at the dalek to see at the end of its gun , a little piece of paper was handing out the end saying.


i was suddenly interupted by a cute laugh.









Briannes POV


i laughed in hysterics, as i watched them duck , and watch them slowl get up and i saw jacks face.


it was time for the big reveal.

slowly i pulled off the top of the dalek, laughing like crazy.


"That face!! It was like BWaa-" i then made a face like a mix between someone whom is constaipated mixed with someone who was smiling horribly for a school picture.


i laughed and laughed, wiping the tears, even rolling on the floor, my hands slamming aghainst the concrete as i laughed aloud, still laughing.



i heard a sort of throt cleatring , and i slowly stood up.

"Who are you exactly?" he asked.

i raised an eyebrow, and he looked at nme oddly.

is he realy this clueless.


i sighed, annoyed.

i pulled out my computer, and said something.

"Does this give you enough of a hint, Mr. Harkness." the smooth, ilky baritone voice said coming from the speaker of the computer.


i laughed, watching the looks of surpsie acorss there faces....
















he looked shocked, befudled, gobsmacked.

i couldnt think of anything he wasnt currently at this exact moment.


well, except for mad and Puissed, but everything else was there.



he blinked, looking at me over and over again before finally saying.....













































"Your a Girl!?"

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