G is For Ginger Genius - Torchwood/Doctor Who

My Names Rosamund. im wanted by the federal government for several reasons, even though i am indeed an adversary. My parents are buffoons, the most wanted idiots in the world, and im the organ grinder, watching them dance around like imbeciles. I'm a genius in fact, but my parents are to abusive and rude to give a care, so they use me against my will. i hated helping them. i was no longer a devil, i was going to be an angel. im going to be a Ginger Genius.


4. Cries For Help

I just sat there, my body seemingly vacant as my mind shook rapidly, almost as if insulted by the seemingly rhetorical question.


i snapped back to reality, a sharp glare pointed directly at Jack of whom was now grinning madly.


i glared at him , cursing profaintites under my breath rapidly as i reached my hand inside my bag, after a bit of blind searching , came up with the small remote, which quickly caused Jack to glance at me in alarm.

i smiled evilly.

"Oh, You thought i was Bluffing?" i asked, my eyebrow ached as i saw a small look of utter panic cross his face for a single second.


an almost unsure look corssed his face him quickly turning to Ianto for support, who in end shrugged.

he shook his head, his face back and facing me , a more cocky grin spread naturally across his face.

"Look, ill make a deal with you. You, let me go, and never say this to anyone, and i wont spread this virus into your systems, which takes all of your data, and exploits it. So, got a deal?" i ask, shurgging a bit as my feet, felt against the ground.


he looked at me, astonished by my intellect, and my sudden bargain.


with an almost annoyed posture, he crossed his arms indignantly over his chest, an unbemused look raditating off his features.


i grinedd, shaking my head as i knew how this was going to end, not exactly in my favor.


"Okay. Jack, how about you still let me go, and ill give you my name. Deal?" i asked, the callous balls of my feet scrunching in tight pain as i dawdled.

"Ad why would i want your name?" he asked, his eyeborws raied in perfect syncronisity.


"Wellllllll... i dont know, but you being the kind of person you are, you cant help but be curious. you couldnt possible udnerstand how exactly a 14 year old child could have haked into your technology, into a Dalek, and armed you with your own demise. i mean, you have to admit thats pretty genius." i said, putting my hands on my hips, my hips angled slightly that gave me the ever so sassy look i was known well for.


he frowned, but then slowly, a smirk grew on his face.




and with that  si smiled.


"good choice, Mr. Harkness." i said, and with a few clicks, and a flip, theheadpieces fell out of there, ears, and dropped to the ground, small shots of electricity emanating from the cords that were now fried to a crisp.


"Nice to meet You, Torchwood." i say , and with a wave of my hand, i  start wlking.



i was about a few inches away when i hear his voice disturb the silence.


"Name?" he asked, looking at me with an annoyed starture and glare.


"Pardon? ' i ask , turning slightly so i was looking at them , my head titled just the slightest.


"You said you would tell me your name if we let you go, so what is it?" he asked, his eyebrow achred into a high arch.


i sighed, taking the piece of paper out of my pockett, the ninja star gleaming in the air, the shiny oragami paper shining brightly as the sun reflected off the scaly surface.

with a swift, toss, i threw the ninja star , Jack caught it immediatley.


"Whats this?" he asked, glancing up at me with a look of confusion on his face, looking almost betrayed by my actions.

"My name." was all i said, before i disappeared.





<<< Time Lapse 3 Years>>>


I snickered, surfing the telly, situated comfortably inbetween the small veleveteen pillows that layed casualy against the couch.


I was adamant to stick to my new Years eve resolution.


To find the Doctor, and become the person to stay on the couch the longest, which by the way, might i add.



is WAAAAAAAAAY harder then it looks..


"BOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBBB!" I shouted, shoving a small piece of puffcorn into my mouth, waiting for Bob, My Dalek servant.



slowly, i grinned as i saw Bob scoot in with his new clothes, a Fez and a Bowtie.


i kept imagining him screeming 'IMPERSONATE!'


with a hearty laugh, i have to quickly pund my chest to stop myself from choking on the small piece of puffcorn that had taken its sweet time going down.


with a gimme, grabby hand, i motioned for the Dalek to come over to me.

with an automated whirr and click,he slowly scotted up to me,lowering the small tray that he held firmly in his plunger.

with a quick snatch, i tok a large sip from the glass of water, coughing slightly.


slowly , my coughing died down, and i returned to my petty self promise, or 'achievement' i like to refer to it as.






i sighed, grabbing my sonic screwdriver, reconstructed from the fies that i managed to take a peek at from Torchwood.

the short stick was illuminaed as an aqua glow illuminated from under the metal casing that had my name etched into it, slowly curving up to the tip, swirls decorating the area nearby, the aqua teal tip shining brightly as the light glared at the tip.

with a quick tos, i caught it a smirk across my face as i glanced around the house.



i glance around, surpsried by the usual machanicall whirring and buzzing noises that usually trailed loftily behind him as he moved.







White hot spain seared inside of my , a scream escaping my lips involuntarily as i squrimed in immediate pain.

What the heck???

chains of pain spun up and wove around my armds, slopwly slithering through my body, my body screaming and shouting in pain.


my vision spun rapidly, titling as i felt myself slowly sway to a mute tune, my heart thudding loudly, searing as it felt like it was being pulled and tugged out of my chest.


my breaths shortened as i felt a small blackness slowly slosh up to me, my conciousness dunked into the deep dark abbyss as i sat there, horrified out of my wits, screaming in pure agony.


colorfu lights danced around my vision , seemingly giggling at my sudden struggles, as i had been through worse, but i was seemingly immobilized by  this.

my body shook rapidly, i felt my world glitch around me , buzzing and hissing like a fire.


i tried my best to pry myself up , my movements jerkish, and fdreakish ,the world seemingly lagging.

i felot my body slowly slip , my tipsy steps and tense jerks saaping my energy immesnsly.



with a last large breath, ifell to the ground with a clatter, my body exhausted.


'Silence wil fall'


those 3 words sent shivers along wwith terrifying images up my spine, and swirling inside my head.



i let out a large scream.













my world turned woozy as the last thing that i saw was 2 pairs of coal black paws in front of my face.

"d. doctor.. help" was all that i could say before i let go of the end of the rope, the black consuming my vision instantly.


Docs POV


with on last twist of the knob, i stood up , my hands sweeping out at my sides.


"Welcome Ponds, To -"



i was suddenly knocked to the ground when the she made a dreadful groaning noise, the Tardis suddenly shaking violently, Amy and Rory shouting at me.

"ITS NOT ME, ITS THE TARDIS!" i shouted over the suprisingly loud melee.



with one last sudden Jerk, all 3 of us were tossed and hit the side of the tardis with a loud thud, hitting the ground with another thud.


i groaned , slowly getting up , rubbbing the sore spot that had just been hit.

with a few groans from  the Ponds, they slowly joined me at the console.


i was about to toch a knob when i heard a distinct noise , the Tarddis growling at me, almost warning me not to tocu the button.

a puzzled look came across my face as i glanced to see Amy and Rory both curious about what that was.


"Did the Tardis just Growl?" Rory asked, looking over to a partially terrified Amy.


i gave suprised nod, and glanced around suprised by the suden action.

"What is it girl?" i asked, and i shoot to see the doors bolt open.


a smmile spreads across my face as i slowly walk out of the Tardis.


i keep myself from screaming as i see a black, doglike shape bending over a limp body.


I heard Amy gasp, i shot my hand over her mouth , stoppping her from speaking any louder.

il ooked over at her, a stern look across my face, my finger over my mouth , shushing her.


with a small breath, she nodded wearily.


slowly, the 3 of us came out of the Tardis


Suddenly, i see the Tardis start to leave, it dematerialising without us, leaving us at the mercy of the beast.

with an animalistic Jerk, the beast quickly truned around to face us, growling as it it saw the opprotunity to pounce on us.







"d.doctor.. help"



i gazed in horror at the body on the ground.



"What do we Do  , Doctor?" Amy asked , turning to me with a terrified gaze that was trained intently on the advancing 'hound'


With a sly grin, i happily replied.












































"We run, thats what we do."







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