Your Nothing

Sequel to Being His Sister. Read that first <--
Maddie thought being married to Harry Styles, life would have been easier since she did give her heart to the man that she loves. But after a child little did she know there will be bumps in the road. After what Maddie had witnessed will she ever let her daughter get near her father ever again? Or was Harry styles even the father to the loving daughter?


3. Tonight

Louie's p.o.v

 "Tell me you love me or I won't go!" I beg. I knew she always loved me. We would have our gazing moments. "Three word eight letters. Say it and I'm yours" I quote. Tears gushed through her eyes. "I love you!"she yelled. I gasp and I marched up to her and without wasting any time we made electricity. I pushed her down on the couch and made wet kisses on her jawline. She unbuckled my jeans and ripped my shirt. My hands glided through the hem of her jeans and slowly slid them off. She grabbed a handful of my hair and moaned as I sucked on her neck. She was now on top. She traced her finger down my abs as she sat right between my legs. I pulled her in for a kiss as she played with my tip. "Oh my geez where did you learn how to do that!" I moan. She kept kissing my jaw line and tracing my tattoos with her index finger. I shoved my finger and she groaned. "Omg Louis more! I love you" she yelled. "Baby shhh we will get a noise complaint!" I quit her down. I go faster and she kisses me to make the pain go away. I suddenly stop and we cuddle under the covers. "Oh my!" She said in relief. She falls into a deep sleep and cuddle up right next to her. "Maddie?" I ask waking her up. "Hm?" She said with her eye closed. "I should go before Harry catches me" I whisper. "Me and Harry are over" she whines. "What?" I whisper. I gather my clothes and head out the door. I see Niall standing there with Darcy. "Crap" I mumble. "Louis? What are you doing here?" Niall questioned. "Uh I forgot something gotta go" I lie. Niall gets angry and pushes me inside. He sees Maddie under the covers. "Your lucky Darcy is here and she ended her relationship with Harry!" Niall yells. "Daddy harreh?" I hear Darcy. "Let's get you to bed kiddo" Niall says avoiding her question. Niall gives me a stern look but I roll my eyes and leave. I give one last glare to Maddie as I shut the door leaving her and feeling guilty.

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