Your Nothing

Sequel to Being His Sister. Read that first <--
Maddie thought being married to Harry Styles, life would have been easier since she did give her heart to the man that she loves. But after a child little did she know there will be bumps in the road. After what Maddie had witnessed will she ever let her daughter get near her father ever again? Or was Harry styles even the father to the loving daughter?


7. The Truth

   Maddie's p.o.v

 "now what happened?" he asked me. "well... I lost so many feeings for harry but in my heart I will always know I'm half a heart without him.. the moments we had are irresistible.. I just wish one day he would save me tonight and be my superhero but I will always remember our last, first kiss and I'm truly madly deeply in love with him after those midnight memories..." I break into tears. Paul gives me a warm hug and I just cry into his shoulder. 

I left his house with a broken heart. I feel so stupid to even do it with Louis. What I have done is literally unforgivable. As I get home, I put Darcy to bed and read the divorce papers. I try hard not to cry as I read sentence by sentence and word by word. I sign the papers and send them to my attorney. I rub the palm of my hand against my forehead as I rethink on what I have done.

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