5SOS Imagines

I do not own any of these, I just find them on tumblr and I end up wanting to share with you(-:


2. Yogo Jokes

Yet another wonderful imagine by @ imagining5sos

I put the link to her tumblr in my bio, so go check her out now!

~Waking the boys up in the morning~

Ashton: Since you were an early riser you usually held the task of waking up Ashton in the morning. This morning you were a little bit behind and therefore you were late waking up Ashton. Quickly, you ran into your room to wake him up. After numerous times shaking him and trying to wake him up he finally opened his eyes. "Good morning, darling" he said, pulling you on top of him. "Ashton, you need to wake up. Come on, stop joking around" you said, giggling as he moved his head into the crook of your neck. "Really, Ash, I'm behind today and it's later than usual" you tried to get back out of bed. "Babe, I appreciate you trying to wake me but...I don't have to go into the studio today" he said, smiling sleepily. "Oh, oops. I'm sorry" you said, feeling bad that you woke him when he could be resting. "No, it's fine. Now it just means you have to cuddle with me as a proper apology" he said, pulling the covers over you. Ashton began kissing your lips slowly, becoming more and more needy. His large hands gripped your hips, moving his thumbs in circles. "Something tells me you want more than just cuddles" you smirked, feeling his hard on against your leg. "This was my plan to whole time" he laughed, his hands began to remove your shirt. The two of you didn't get out of bed for most of the day.

Calum: Most mornings you ended up getting out of bed before Calum. He needed a lot of sleep since he was so often touring. You needed to find an outfit to wear today because you were planning on catching up with a few friends later. You'd stripped down to a bra and thong, walking around your room to look for something to wear. Thinking of one last place, you bent over to look through the last drawer of the dresser that was right in front of your bed. "Damn" you heard a voice behind you, "That's a nice way to wake up". You turned around to see Calum awake and now staring at you. You pouted at him, "I can't find anything to wear". "Why not just wear that? Looks pretty hot to me" he smirked, still eyeing your body up and down. You crawled on the bed next to him, laying your head on his chest. "You know I love your lingerie sets, but that casual thong is really turning me on" he mumbled, running his hand over your bum. You placed a gentle kiss on his chest, sensing what was going to happen next. As if that little gesture was all he needed for assurance, Calum flipped you over and began kissing the exposed parts of your breasts. "Wait, Cal" you said quickly. "What, babe?" he asked, confused. "Let me just call my friends, I definitely think I'll have to cancel our plans today" you giggled.

Luke: You rolled over, seeing that the sun was now up and it was probably time to get out of bed. Your movement was stopped once Luke's arm wrapped around you and pressed his front to your back. "Morning, Luke" you said, smiling. He must have not been fully awake yet because he didn't reply and you could still hear his deep breathing behind you. Then you noticed something else...his hard on was pressing into your bum. You reached your arm back and stroked his leg, waiting for him to wake up. There was a deep sigh and then you felt Luke pressing a kiss to the back of your neck. After rolling over to face him, you pressed a kiss to his lips. "I see you're happy to be waking up next to me" you said, motioning to his lower region. "I was actually having a really great dream. This gorgeous girl, God she was beautiful, she was completely naked and then she walked over to me and just started sucking my d-" you cut him off by pressing your lips to his. "Maybe I can help make that dream a reality" you said, beginning to trail kisses further and further down his body.

Michael: "Michael, get up" you said, for the third time, "You need to get up, the boys are expecting you to be at the studio". You paced the room, waiting for him to decide to give up his fight. "I know you're awake. Come on, Mikey" you said, sitting on the edge of the bed. Sighing, you watched as Michael rolled over, squinted his eyes, and groaned all at the same time. "The boys are going to be waiting for you" you crawled up next to him. "I'm not awake, I'm still sleeping and I can't get out of bed" Michael said, his eyes still closed. "You're not fooling me" you replied. Slowly you moved down to kiss his lips. He kissed back, but did nothing else. When you pulled away his eyes were still closed but there was a slight smirk on his lips. "Fine, you leave me no choice" you said, thinking of one last way to wake him up. Your hand trailed down Michael's chest and landed on his boxer-covered member. An immediate gasp left his mouth followed by a groan as you began to palm him. "You're up now?" You asked, stopping your movement. "No, kitten, keep going" Michael whined. "Fine, you were gonna be late anyway. Might as well be late and pleasured" you said, furthering your advances

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