Amelia Pond's Ending

(For Doctor Who Fanfiction competition)
After Amy and Rory were ripped from the Doctor's side, he wanted nothing more than to go mope in the TARDIS. But the TARDIS had a different idea.
In her Afterword, Amy requested the Doctor go to her younger self and tell her stories to give her hope. But what if... what if the Doctor goes one step further and takes little Amelia Pond on an adventure?
This story contains a cooky Doctor, a young girl and an all new race of creatures called Buttermen. Are you ready for an adventure?


7. Calculation Results



The Doctor panicked over Amy’s disappearance a few minutes or so before his screwdriver which was previously sonicing the tree, gave him the answers he needed.

“Aah,” he sighed when he looked at the results. “Of course. What we’re seeing here isn’t real, it’s a projection to hide something. But the question is, who is it hiding?”

He wandered back over to the stump Amelia jumped from and looked up at the sky again.

“She never hit the ground which means she must have either gone up or simply vanished.”

Holding the screwdriver up towards the sky, he began to sonic it before another result was in.

“Would you look at that? It all makes sense now!”

Even though he knew he shouldn’t be so excited since he lost little Amy, he still couldn’t help but let out a whistle at his discovery.

The projection of the forest was but in place from an entirely other dimension. To whom it held, he did not know. However, this dimension wasn’t like the one Rose Tyler got stuck in, but more so a pocket universe, like a dimension hidden in a jink or reality. It seemed that Amelia managed to find the enterance to that pocket.

To test out his theory, the Doctor decided to jump off of multiple logs in the vicinity, all leading him to just hitting the ground as your normally would. When it came to climbing onto Amelia’s stump though, he began to feel what she must have. The sense of being watched, the stirring of the stomach that warns something is strange and, as he stood up to his full height, the colours that began to blue.

After one more scan, the Doctor concluded all that he needed to. The dimension was literally right on top of the one he was in now, pressing down heavy enough that, at a tall enough height, you could probably stick your head through. He decided he wanted to be taller in that moment, like a giraffe, just so he could achieve such a thing. Since, however, there was nothing more he could do to grow taller, there was only one option.

Without knowing how to get back or what to expect the Doctor sucked in a deep breath and jumped.


There was a feeling of coldness leaking through his veins and the occasional burst of heat as the colours around him blurred together and whooshed past him as he was pulled up and up and up. There was a pressure in his head, one so great that if he were human, he’d probably be knocked out. He hoped that wasn’t the case with Aimee.

He shut his eyes as he rocketed upwards until finally…. It stopped.

Every so slowly, he opened one eye and peered around, only to find himself in the exact same forest. He opened the other eye and glanced around.

He was laying spread eagled on the forest floor and quickly jumped to his feet to survey the surroundings. The trees didn’t pulse here and the air was much cooler, more natural than before.

“Hullo?” he sung out. “Amelia? It’s the Doctor!”

He heard a strange twittering and looked upwards, grinning when he saw what awaited him.

“Hello there!”

He had heard about this strange race of aliens, the Buttermen as they called themselves. Half man and half butterfly. He had never come across one before even with all the travels that he has had though he had heard that they were an extremely peaceful race that just loved parties.

As they all descended from the trees above, he decided they were quite beautiful. With beautiful yellow skin and wings that glistened, how could he not find them so?

“You must be the Doctor,” one stepped forward as he landed and held out his hand. “I am West, a friend of Amelia’s.”

The Doctor piped up at the mention of her name.

“Amelia was here?” he asked as he shook hands. “Where is she now?”

“Time works differently here,” another one piped up. “What is a minute for you is ten minutes for us. Amelia left half an hour ago.”

Of course. He had forgotten that all dimensions had a different time system that never fit with anyone elses.

“Uh oh,” the Doctor scratched the back of his head. “Do you know where she is?”

“Of course,” West affirmed. “She left with another of us, Meadow. Our leader wished to see her.”

Even though he knew these people were safe, he made a mental note to have a good talking to with Amelia not to wander off with strangers. Ironically, he reminded himself, he was also one.

“Well it’s lovely to meet you,” he shook hands with West and the other Buttermen in close proximity. “Can you take me to Amelia?”

“Of course, sir. We promise that no harm has been done.”

“I believe none has. Please, take me to her.”











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