100 Writing Prompts Challenge

This is a 100 writing prompts challenge to fulfill boredom, anyone wishing to snag up the idea and complete the challenge, GO FOR IT!! It involves 100 different words and a story about each is what I plan to do!
Here we go :)


4. 4th Word- Salt

I raced around the kitchen, searching the cupboards hastily for the blasted salt. It was all I was missing. The lovely salt that enhanced flavour and the body of the food, taste, texture, aroma and EVERYTHING about the food. Where was the salt? Truffle sat cautiously in the doorway, rubbing his paw over his eyes, I think he was a little worried about me. I had spent the past two hours making dinner for my date, it had gone quite well until I started discovering I lacked certain ingredients, like salt.

            I had gone shopping earlier and bought all that I needed for an amazing three course dinner. I'd even bought things to decorate the table, candles, flowers, placemats, proper glasses and plates and even a table cloth. I had decided to go all out for this date, too impress the man I had fallen in love with, but I was beginning to stress even more, my anxiety taking control. I fell backwards off where I was leaning precariously on the wooden chair, landing on my bottom. I winced. That would bruise.

            I pulled myself up, unsteady. I looked up at the clock, its silver hands pointing at the five and the six... It was five thirty... He would be here in an hour... I started dashing around the kitchen. I still had to have a shower and get dressed, I was deteriorating into panic mode.

            I ran into the bathroom, a gorgeous ensuite beside my master bedroom. It had been my grandparent's house that I inherited when they passed, I absolutely loved them for it. I quickly showered, painted my face and pulled on my brand new dress, it was short, sky blue in colour, completely matching the colour of my hair at the moment, thanks to a lab accident my hair had been bleached with fumes and so I had taken the opportunity for a new style, curly, eye-popping blue hair, which I pulled into a side ponytail, placing a white rose on the hair band too match the white bow wrapped around the waist in my dress.

            I stumbled out of my bedroom door, tripping over Truffle who was following loyally behind me, he'd stopped to lie in the doorway while I got dressed, I fell over onto the carpet in the hallway, bruising my arms as I threw them out to catch myself. I sighed, I hated being clumsy, and easily bruised. I pushed myself up and onto my feet, straightening out my dress and hair before walking back to the kitchen.

            The house was large and quite extravagant, built in the early twentieth century by my grandfather's parents, remodelled by my grandparents and redecorated by my mother and I. It was now a beautifully restored and kept modern Victorian house. The first floor contained a hallway that extended from the front entrance to the back door which opened up onto a patio, on one side of the hallway is the kitchen, dining room and living room, on the other side is the recreation room full of board games, alongside my bedroom and bathroom. I walked down the hallway to the kitchen and stirred the food on the stove, I had made pumpkin soup as an entree, with little, fresh bread rolls I had made, they were on the bench ready to bake. For mains I had prepared chicken parmigiana, a nicely cooked chicken breast filled with cheese and tomato, then wrapped in bacon, then coated in cheese again, and lastly for dessert, I have prepared delectable chocolate soufflés, soft, fluffy and chocolatey.

            I checked the oven, the parmigiana was almost finished cooking, the pumpkin soup was simmering nicely and the chocolate soufflés were ready to go into the oven. I ran into the dining room through the ornate wooden archway that connected it to the kitchen and began straightening out the table cloth, filling the vase with fresh red roses and laying out plates and cutlery. I stood straight once it was done, fixing my dress and slipping my feet into my black heels ordained with beads and roses. Truffle bounded into the room, barking hysterically.

            Then the doorbell rang. Thank you Truffle for the two second warning. I ran out into the hallway, clumsily stumbling in my heels, I was not ready for this. I unlocked and pulled open the door. There, in front of me, looking wonderful in a white suit with a blue tie, was the intriguing Seth, whom I had saved a few months ago from a cursed mansion in which he had been trapped, then met again on a beach after thinking her had died. But no, we had both been granted eternal youth, and he had been given a completely new life, which I hoped with all my heart to be a part of. I stepped aside and invited him in.

            He stepped inside, grabbed me by the waist with the hand that wasn't holding the bottle of my favourite cider, and kissed me, leaning his head down so our lips touched softly. I pressed myself closer to him, pushing my lips into his, he parted his lips slightly and bit my lower lip, I gasped. His tongue took the opportunity to sneak into my mouth and softly explore. It was gentle passionate kiss, my hands wrapping around his neck to hold him closely. At that moment Truffle decided to jump at me, barking loudly. He then ran off to the kitchen.
            "Um, would you like to come into the kitchen while I serve up dinner?" He smiled, dazzling me with his soft mouth and stunning dimples. I giggled. Then ran off into the kitchen, this time not stumbling in my heels. I stirred the pumpkin soup then poured it out into bowls, I turned around and Seth was waiting for me at the table, he had already poured us our drinks. I laid down the plates and he pulled me in for a second kiss. We kissed for a few minutes before I pulled away blushing, I felt hot and flustered all over, "better eat before it gets cold." He nodded in agreement and gestured for me to sit, I did and he laid out the napkin neatly on my lap, his hands lingering on my thigh, I hadn't stopped blushing. He walked around and sat in his chair.

            "Is there any salt?" Seth asked, I looked up at him, about to say that I hadn't been able to find it when he reached across to the end of the table where the salt was sitting beside the pepper, "Don't worry, I found it," he winked at me. I opened my mouth, surprised and annoyed.

            "I've been looking for the salt all afternoon!" How could I have forgotten to look on the table.

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