100 Writing Prompts Challenge

This is a 100 writing prompts challenge to fulfill boredom, anyone wishing to snag up the idea and complete the challenge, GO FOR IT!! It involves 100 different words and a story about each is what I plan to do!
Here we go :)


2. 2nd Word- Treat

I bounded through the door, leaping up the stairs to master's bedroom, my tongue lolling out the side

of my mouth around the edge of the paper, clamped between my teeth. I jumped up onto master's bed, dropping the paper beside her hand and nuzzling against her arm. I whined to get her attention. A moan came from the pillow in which master's face was buried.

            I whined again, then barked loudly three times. Wake up master I thought. I nudged her back then licked the side of her head. Claire, Master, it's time to wake up. I licked her face again with my wolf-tiger tongue. She mumbled something, rolling over to look at me. I barked again, then shook myself, my fur spraying sprinkles of water all over the bed and blankets. Master winced but ruffled my head for bringing in the paper, although it was damp with slobber.

            I bounced off her bed, onto the floor, sniffing out her bunny slippers. I gently picked each one up and placed them carefully on her feet, avoiding the use of my teeth. She laughed and tried to wipe the drool off them. "Thank you Truffle," she laughed and gave me a lovely rub under my chin. I rolled over on to my back, ready for more, but she was already stumbling over to the shower. I rolled my eyes then chased after her, nipping playfully at her ankles. She giggled and jumped away. "Truffle!" She exclaimed. I followed her around as she went through her morning routine, cleaning, brushing, painting her face, making breakfast and finally, brewing her coffee, this is the part I most enjoyed. I intently watched her as she brewed it, poured it and stirred it. If only I had opposable thumbs, I could do all the things master Claire did.

            I nuzzled against her ankles. reminding her what time of the morning it was. She laughed again, a beautiful trilling sound that made my tail wag harder, she was happy. "Alright boy, I'll get your treat." She reached up into one of the many cupboards and pulled out a plastic container. I wagged my tail harder, excited for what she had in her hand, I whined impatiently, pawing at her legs.

            "Sit!" She commanded, I sat back on my haunches, tail still flicking back and forth excitedly. "Lie down," I placed my belly to the ground, stretching out my striped paws. I don't understand why she must repeat this routine each morning, it was ridiculous, but I guess being a scientist, repeated studies are embedded in her mind, so I always complied with her instructions. I leaned my head, looking up at her, waiting patiently. We continued the rest, rollover, shake, beg and speak. Once she was satisfied with my movements she stretched her hand out to me. Ah, the treat! I opened my mouth, extending my tongue to lap it out of her hand. She didn't flinch anymore, no longer afraid of being bitten.

            I whined and she gave me a couple more, my tail wagging furiously. She checked her watch, becoming alarmed when she noticed the time. She put away the treats, up out of my reach then dashed out the door, calling back to me. "Come on Truffle, off to the lab we go!" I bounded after her, tail never missing a beat of its wagging rhythm. Out the door and up into my seat in her car I went, ready for the day ahead.

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