Teenage Posts Extravaganza +Random Things

Teenage posts that I thought were cute and funny. NOTE: Some are not mine!!!!! They came from Tumblr, but some will be original.
Also things that will be featured is video of the day, authors and books of the week:)


25. Posts: 233-24 +random things

233. Having those weird conversations with your friends and thinking if anyone heard us right now, we'd be put into a mental hospital

234. Homework: because 7 hours of school wasn't enough

235. That awkward moment when you try to explain a song to someone but you don't want to actually sing it

(Thanks Bibliophile14_D.P.C for #233-235)

236. You hate it when your favorite song comes on as you pull in to the driveway. 

237. When you have that mini heart attack in bed, when you were drifting to sleep, suddenly feeling yourself falling...

238. Saying 'I'm almost there' when you haven't even left the house.

(thanks ♬Socially_Awkward♬ for #236-238)

239. When I start to study, all the good TV shows begins

240. My thick thighs and basic brown eyes will win someone's heart one day.

241. I wish the light from my laptop screen could give me a tan.

242. I got 99 notifications but a text from my bae ain't one.

243. *shows up at your door 10 years later after we had an argument*  AND ANOTHER THING....


Hello my peeps!!!!! Thanks again @ ♬Socially_Awkward♬ and Bibliophile14_D.P.C for sharing!!! Anybody else who likes to share teenage posts comment below!!!! Oh and i can wait til tomorrow, its friday!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a random video:


Oh and I forgot to tell you that I will start posting funny videos to!!!! if you have funny videos you would like to share, comment in the section below:)

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