Teenage Posts Extravaganza +Random Things

Teenage posts that I thought were cute and funny. NOTE: Some are not mine!!!!! They came from Tumblr, but some will be original.
Also things that will be featured is video of the day, authors and books of the week:)


45. 420-430

420- Relationship status: made dinner for two and ate it all.

421. Is clear skin too much to ask for?

422. Being called "babe" is such a good feeling.

423. Do you ever just want to do a backflip then realize you can't.

424. 1800-did I ask b*tch

425. 90% of the guys that give girls hell for wearing make-up needs make-up.

426. Insulting someone with a post with a typo in it, is like trying to punch someone and missing and falling off a cliff.

427. Taking a nap is always so risky, like when will I wake up? In thirty minutes? Three hours? Or nine years!!! No one can be sure.

428. Slow replies are annoying af.

429. My mom did not raise a fool. A crazy psychotic b*tch... but not a fool.

430. Is their a scholarship for trying.



I'm sorry for not posting for a long time!!! I will do better :)


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