"This Is Just Going To Be Another Stupid Camping Trip! I'm 17 Mum!"

~~Little Did I Know, This Wasnt Just Another "Stupid Camping Trip".. It Was So Much More~~


1. Chapter One

Lacey's Point Of View:

"This is just going to be another stupid camping trip! I'm 17 mum!" I said, trying my best to stay calm. We've been going on these camping trips since I was 6 years old. Every year, during summer break, we'd spend our time up in some dull, boring mountain or forest, camping for a whole 4 weeks. A whole month of my life id have no internet, no bed and more importantly, no music. Music was my life and it killed me having to spend 4 weeks without it.

"Lacey, honey, this will be good for you! There might be some kids up their your age!" My mum smiled.

"When is there ever kids my age there mum?"

"This year there might be Lace, were going Saturday, go get packing!" How is she always to cheerful? Were going to spend 4 weeks in a tent with no fast food, no internet, no bed, no music.. No life basically. I scoffed and stood up, pushing my chair back under the table.

"Smile honey! This will be fun!" My mum yelled as I was stomping up the stairs. I stopped midway and yelled back.

"Trust me! I'm so excited!" I stated. Honestly what was the point of camping? It's just living outside like a hobo for weeks. Plus I'm 17 now! I should be out partying, shopping with my friends during summer break, not camping. Actually, I don't have any friends. I was always the outcast at school. You see, in my school, unless you were a perfect barbie doll, you were an outcast and I was FAR from a barbie doll. I had lilac hair, dip-dyed a light blue at the bottom. I always wore ripped jeans and band tees, never crop tops and shorts. I didn't listen to one direction like every other girl in my school, I was perfectly happy head banging to bring me the horizon or asking alexandria. I was nothing like an average teenage girl and I didn't mind that. What I did mind was being dragged out into a forest for the next 4 weeks of my life.

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