It was just a dream

What if all of Insurgent and Allegiant was all a dream that Tris had while she was sleeping after she had already pasted her final exam and was a full Dauntless member? She dreamed up all of the events that follow, so I will not repeat them, but it will pick up and tie in. I'm not sure where I will go with this, but I'm going to run with it. Sorry about the formatting, but I'm not very good at keeping consistent spacing, so one chapter will essentially be one giant paragraph.


1. 1

"Run, Tris! Get out of there! Tris, NO!" Tobias shouted at me over the dizziness that threatened to overtake me. I had been shot and I was dying. I knew that Tobias wasn't really talking, how could he? He was elsewhere. I gave my life for Caleb's because that is what Abnegation do. We are selfless, we volunteer for others, we used to stay and clean up after the Choosing ceremonies. My parent s were the prime example of the Abnegation mentality, my mother died for me. She gave me a chance to find my father and the Abnegation people that were fortunate enough to escape the Dauntless attacks. My father, died for me also, he was also shot. He was killed because he fired at the Dauntless guards standing outside the control room. I feel the warm tears stream down my cheeks as I think of my parents. I know that I was technically no longer part of their family because here in Chicago we believe in "Faction before Blood", but I don't want it to be that way. I want to be able to visit my parent and have them meet Tobias. I want to be able to have them attend my wedding or have them see their grandchildren. I can't believe that I am already dreaming about our future together, mine and Tobias's. I hear the most blood-curdling scream and I jolt awake from it. "Tris, are you okay?" Christina's eyes burrow into my mind and I break down. "Christina, I'm so glad you are here! My dream was horrible! I dreamed that when we were accepted as Dauntless members, we were injected with this serum. It made sure that all of us were more open to suggestions. We were going to overthrow Abnegation! We were going to be the fire arms controlled by Erudite! Please tell me it isn't real. We didn't kill innocent Abnegation, or anything like that did we?" I mumble and I feel myself being pulled into her strong, but small arms. "Yes, Tris, it was all a dream. No Abnegation were murdered by Dauntless that were under simulation. Do you want to go back to sleep?" She asked tenderly. "I want Four, he said he would fight off any nightmares with his bare hands. Where is he?" I squeak out and hope that she doesn't think the worst about what is going on between the two of us. "I am right here, Tris. I heard your scream and came running as fast I could to make sure you were safe and okay." Four came out of the shadows of the initiates' dormitory. "Tris, go with him. I will know where you are and besides, it is our last night in the initiates' dorm before we get our own apartments. I know that you feel a lot safer with Four ever since that incident near the chasm with Al and Peter. I know how you feel about him. Go, but please come back tomorrow in a better state," Christina told me. I really loved her like the sister I never had. She was really my best friend. 

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