•Gone Forever•

It's been a month since Harry died. Everybody lost there minds


2. flash back part2

Amelia's POV....

It's been two days now since the love of my life died I cry about it when I think hard about him. It feels impossible that this happened. But when I look next to me in the bed it true.

I get up still feeling blue and I still dislike Louis. I go into the bathroom and I look at my phone today it's his funeral this will be the most emotional day ever. Everybody will be here his family, my family, the boys family, there girlfriends minus Niall's because he doesn't have one yet, and especially the fans.

After I get done being in the bathroom I get out of my closet what I was gonna wear and put it on.




I fix my hair putting it in a half pony tail and curling it. I then find my engagement ring. Now I know what you are thinking. Yes, I threw it at him but the doctors called me back and said that he had it tightly wrapped around his hand. It had blood stains on it but I got it polished free. It was his grandmas ring and it's so beautiful it's just.... So amazing and I love it with every breath I take.

I then grab my phone and leave heading to the church in my car soon as I arrive I see lots of people and I'm expected to give a speech. I get out and the boys body guard had walked me inside. I'm surprised by how far I got without crying probably because I lost all my tears.

As I walk inside I get hugged by Anne, Harry's mom and Gemma, his older sister. And they are in tears. And soon as you know it I couldn't keep it in and I was in tears. My face scrunched up with my eyebrows up and the three lines in between and my straight face going into a quick frown and hot tears just streaming down my face.

"Harry is in a better place right now. And he is looking down on us. And I bet he doesn't want anyone being sad today because he was the happiest." Anne says rubbing my back.

"It-t was all my fault." I say grabbing handful of tissues and wiping my face.

Niall then comes up and he looked like someone pulled his hair out and threw it back in then punched his eyes and took the life out of him. Because it was messed up more than I am. Well he the most caring out of the boys so if anything would go wrong or anyone ends up in the hospital he would be there and upset.

I stop him before he goes past me and I give him I huge hug rubbing his back with circles. And he broke loose and started to cry badly.

I break our hug and grab him by his face.

"Niall... N-Niall look at me. You have to be strong for him. You have to he needs you to... I'm so sorry Niall." I say as I wipe his tears with my thumbs.

"Nothing is ever going to be the same..." He says with a cracked voice.

"Go sit in the front I'll find you." I say as I let him go.

And I went to the ladies room. The funeral didn't start yet but in about 20 more minutes it did and I had to be strong. As I make my way in I start to wipe my puffy face off with the smeared makeup on my face but my lipstick. Then I just apply mascara and I put it away and I take a deep breath.

"You can do this Amelia. For him..." I say to myself in a quite voice.

It's unbelievable how your life can be taken from you so quickly. And I'm saying life because Harry was my life, he was my everything. And without him I would've been stuck...

I finally walk back out and I find Niall and sit between him and Liam. I just wanted this to be over with because I was crying so much I started to have a headache and my nose was very runny. And the whole time I was holding Niall's shaky hand.

"Now his fiancée would like to say some words." The paster says as he looks at me.

I stand up let go of Niall's hand and I was walking up next to Harry's casket. I open my mouth to speak and finally managed to put my written letter away and just say what comes up to my mind because our love story is between us. "Anne you've definitely taught a well mannered man. And I thank you for giving him life and for his existence. He honestly was the best thing in my life... I always think to myself that this was just a dream and that this was just a warning for just incase but nope... I'm still in the real world. And this was honestly the hardest thing I had to let go.... He just so wonderful. And i'd do anything to be with him. If it's on earth, hell, or heaven. I just miss him dearly and I love him and always will so much. And after this I feel like I won't be able to love again....thank you." And I actually left to go outside and it was raining and there was many people outdoors and I just needed space so I suddenly started hyperventilating badly and my anxiety came up.

So I ran..... And I ran until I found space and it was in the woods.

I was out there for a little while but Liam found me.

"Lia! Lia! It's over, you're okay it's over you can come back now. Just come back. No ones there but me and the boys. The hard part which was him going 6 feet under." He says as he helps me stand up.

"S-sorry just had a little anxiety attack." I say quietly.

"It's okay. But Niall is worried about you. The kid is worried about everyone." He says.

"I know... Is Louis gone?" I asked but he just sighs.

"I want him gone... I cannot stand another look." I say in a serious tone but Liam doesn't respond.

We make it back up and I see a few people.

"Someone left this on Harry's casket." Zayn says giving it to me. "I haven't opened it and I feel like it's right for you to open it first."

"Thank you Zayn." I say as I hug him.

I opened the letter slowly and read it but not out loud and mouthing some words.

Hello Amelia,

I've always wanted your so called husband dead.

Sorry to break the news at his death.

Just had to.

I hated his guts. And you'll be surprised to find out who I am so I suggest to you apologize to Louis.

But don't worry I already took care of my work and I'm guessing you already know what that was.

If you find out who I am I will have to kill you also, sorry.

Don't forget to lock your windows and doors.

Sincerely - That Someone

P.S. Call the police and you'll regret this I promise you.

I dropped the letter scared, shocked, and afraid. My eyes were searching around to see who would do this.

But then my phone buzzes.

Blocked Number;

Hello love see you've read my letter. Enjoyed it? That's not even all. ;) - That Someone

"What kind of sick son of a bitch...." Zayn says as he looks at the letter with the boys.

"And this person just texted me... I'm sorry Louis... I'm so sorry..." I say.

~Flash back over~

And ever since then I've been on the search with this person. Keeping my loved ones away from me so I can figure this person out. I haven't gotten close but I'm not far and I can feel this person I swear I can... I'm going to find his killer... I'm going to kill my fiancées killer. And I will never stop. Until I find this person...

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