User0314: What if I told you I was in love with you?

User2104: I would tell you that I love you too.


1. User2104



User2104: Hello.


User0314: Hi.


User2104: I missed you Miss User0314.


User0314: I've missed you too, Mr. User2104.


User2104: We've been chatting on here for 3 months. When am I going to meet you?


User0314: What if you murder me?


User2104: I could never murder a pretty face like yours'.


User0314: That was sweet of you, though you have never seen my face.


User2104: I don't need to see your face to know that you're the love of my life.


User0314: Oh I am now?


User2104: Yes you are.


User0314: I don't even know you're name.


User2104: I don't know your name either, but a name doesn't make a person. Their personality and actions do.


User0314: And what is my personality?


User2104: The sweetest southern belle around. Someone who loves to laugh and loves life. Always up for an adventure.


User0314: What if I told you was in love with you?


User2104: I would tell you that I love you too.

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