A New Beggining

You may think Samantha is quite a normal girl just from looking at her. But what the people doesn't know is what she has been through in the last past months. Tragedy and loss became close un-wanted friends in her life. She has to start over in a new state, with a somehow new family, new house, new school, new friends...travel with Sam in this journey to see what happens.


2. The Day Everything Changed

"Mom I'm serious, I can simply take the bus, you don't need to take me." I say going down the stairs.

"Sam, is this because you don't want to be seen been dropped off at school by your mom?". She asks

"Of course not!" I reply. "This is because last time I checked you were in the hospital not even two months ago. I don't want you driving back all by yourself, what if something happens?"

She sighed and walked towards me, placing both hands in each of my shoulder. "You're right honey. I've been spending a lot of time in that horrible place and want to make myself useful again. I mean look at you." My mom cupped my cheek with her hand. "You are fifteen already and for the past two years all you do is occupy yourself with school and me. The last time I remember you bringing a friend over is before what happened to me and I want you to try and live a normal life again, ok?"

This time was my turn to sigh.

"Ok whatever you can take to school today, are you happy?" I said giving up.

She sweetly smiled at me and replied. "Very, thank you."

I smiled back to her, it was nice watching her smile again. If somebody asked I would say she has one of the most beautiful smiles I've seen. Not because she is my mom and all but because I really think so.

"Well if I plan to get in time to school we should get going." I said opening the front door but was stopped by my mom.

"Sam, darling, aren't you forgetting something?"

I looked at myself and found out she was right. I had no shoes on and left my backpack upstairs.

"Right." I rushed up the stairs to get my shoes on and my backpack. When I was picking my backpack from the floor I saw a picture frame that must've fallen and when I turned it around I saw the familiar picture of my parents and me that was taken in my 13th birthday. I placed it next to my bed and ran down the stairs.

My mom was waiting in the car so I locked the front door and got in in the passenger seat.

I turned on the radio when the song Let Her Go was playing so I turned up the volume and started singing along. After a while I felt my mom looking at me constantly so I turned around and looked at her and to my surprise she was smiling.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing, it's just...I haven't seen you like this since a long ago."

"You mean, like singing? I do it all the time."

"I know, but I had forgotten how beautiful the sound of your voice was." She said when we were getting to the school.

I laughed a little. "Mom, that's not how my voice sounds like."

"Like you teenagers say, whatever. Now go before the bell rings."

"Bye mom, thanks for the ride." I say getting out of the car. Before I close the door she says.

"I love you Sam."

"I love you too mom."

And with that, she drives off.


I'm walking down the hall to my locker when the bell rings so I run to get my books before I get really late to class. On my way to the classroom I accidentally bump into someone's shoulder and all of our books end up in the floor.

"I'm so so sorry, I didn't see you."

"It's ok I didn't see you either, I was just...um I had a lot of things in my head."

"No, my bad. Sorry again. Anyways I better get to class." I say getting up and catching a glimpse of his face. He's cute and kind of handsome as a matter of fact.

"Yeah me too. Bye." He smiles and I can help but smile back.

I shake my head and run to class. When I get to the door I notice the teacher is facing the board so I use that moment and silently sneak to my seat at the back of the class. At least is the one on the first row so I got there easier without being noticed. Just as I sat down, the teacher speaks.

"Good morning students."

And as usual, everybody replays in unison with a lazy sound.

"Good morning Mrs. Parkers."

Mrs. Parkers is my school's English teacher. In my opinion she is one of the best teachers in the school and that I've ever had. Not just because I like English class or because she is smart. Some guys talk about her because they think they're hot for her age. Don't get me wrong, I have only heard at lunch, not because I usually snoop around or something. But anyways, I think she is really interesting as a person, she has many things to teach us young people and besides I like the way she teaches, also her voice. I know it sounds weird but it's not the kind of voice that makes you want to sleep since the first 5 minutes of class. It keeps you awake, curious, wanting to know more about the topic.

"I hope everybody did the assignment I left las Tuesday and yes, today is the due day in case you had forgotten. Please pass them all the way to the front."

"Oh god, the assignment. I had totally forgotten about it. We'll it isn't like it happens often so I don't worry that much."

"Very well, let begin with today's class everybody. First of all..."

Mrs. Peters was cut off in mid sentence by the voice of principal Harper that was coming out of the speakers and filled the room in a matter of seconds.

"Sam Crowley please report immediately to my office." Said his voice.

Just like in movies, everybody's heads we're turning towards me and looking straight at me as if I had thrown a knife all the way from the back of the classroom and killed Mrs. Peters after the knife went straight into her head.

I silently looked at her waiting for her approval and she nodded her head, letting me go. I quickly picked all of my books and stuff and stood up, starting to walk towards the principal's office which was at the end of the hall of the second floor.

"What can be so important that the principal himself asked me to go to his office? Usually his secretary or someone else is the one that calls students. I tried to think of something bad I could've done in the last months but nothing came into my mind".


Hi again lovelies!

Well this is the second chapter of the story, what do you think?

What can you imagine or think will happen next? Why did the principal call her to his office?

I guess it's kind of easy to tell, but wait for next chapter really soon!


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