A New Beggining

You may think Samantha is quite a normal girl just from looking at her. But what the people doesn't know is what she has been through in the last past months. Tragedy and loss became close un-wanted friends in her life. She has to start over in a new state, with a somehow new family, new house, new school, new friends...travel with Sam in this journey to see what happens.


1. About My Life Before the Accident


Hi there. My name is Samantha Crowley, but everyone calls me Sam. I turned 15 on August 17th. Unfortunately, and at the same time fortunately, I have no brothers nor sisters. Not long ago I decided to write this since I have been going through a lot of things and don't have anyone to talk about it so maybe telling you will work to get past it.

I used to live with my parents in Ohio like half a year ago. I say 'used to' because now my mom, Edith, is dead, and as well my dad James. I will tell you the whole story...that's why I am writing this, right?

Everything started about a year ago, when I was in 8th grade. As I told you, I lived in Ohio and I had lived my entire life there until the accident. As many other families, we were struggling with money, so my dad had to accept a job in a city couple of miles away from home and spent there almost six months.

Both my mom and I missed him so much, and had to live everyday with that. But something made it worst. Two years ago, mi mom got pregnant and unfortunately she had some problems in her pregnancy. After many circumstances, she saw the light and for that I mean that she was very very close to die.

As it was expected, she lost her baby, and was in a bad health since she also lost many blood. Because of that, her left leg was about 2 centimeters shorter than the right one and she lost feeling from her knee all the way to her toes. She could barely move, she couldn't even talk. She couldn't even eat by herself. It was a very hard and difficult time for all of us. My dad used a lot of money in medicines, treatments, operations that didn't help much and the need for a higher salary leaving my dad no other choice than take that job.

After my dad left, her health decreased a lot, and I was the only one with her, the only one that was there to take care of her. When four months passed, with help of my uncle Tom (one of her younger brothers) we took her to the hospital the night she got worst. She spent a couple of weeks in the hospital and she went back home with me, still a little weak, though.

When the six months were almost over, she received a text from my dad, telling her that it would take longer than expected and with luck he would be back until Christmas.

She was depressed, worried and sad because of dad and maybe even the thought of my dad cheating on her crossed her mind I don't know. So one day after leaving me at school, the accident happened. She crushed with other cars and died with the impact, her fragile state didn't help at all.

We never told my dad about her being in the hospital and the rest, we thought it wouldn't help at all, but when he got the bad news, it was worst than we thought and after a couple of months, he killed himself. I guess he didn't think in me when he was about to do it, but I say to myself, why would he if he never did?

When the funerals and services were over, I was sent to live with my uncles, who are also my godfathers, in California. That is where I am at right now, in my new room, in my new house, with my new life.


Hi everyone!

So this is my first story...do you like it? Should I continue? Well no matter what you say I will, I don't care.

In fact I do so please tell me what you think, comment, favorite it and check for updates!

This really isn't the first thing that I write, I've written a lot but never let anyone read it. Whatever, I decided I wanted to do something that I could share with all of you and this is what came out of it.

Love you!*


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