Bullied (marauders era)


2. Change

Chapter 1- Change

Stephane's POV

I was scrolling through my feed on Instagram with tears in my eyes all the comments said something like "ugly" or "freak" "bitch" "whore" "slut" they just wouldn't stop every day all the time constantly I couldn't stand it anymore, I dropped my phone on my bed, ran to the bathroom with tears I my eyes, and picked up a blade and cut my wrist a few times it helps me forget. It made all the pain go away then I grabbed at towel and wiped the blood.

Then I herd my mom yelling "STEPHANIE!!!!" And I trotted down the steps and she said "Stephanie theres something I need to tell you" I nodded and she said "Your switching schools, you are now going to Hogwarts."

She then explained everything and said I would attend Hogwarts in a few months. even though I'll be starting at my seventh year. Then she promised to get my stuff for school.she even said she would "owl" the headmaster and he would talk to me. I was so happy I could finally start over away from my school I was bullied in school and through social networking. So now I can finally start over.

A/N sorry for the extremely short chapter but I needed to end it there any ways ITS MY BIRTHDAY VOTE PLEASE!!!!❤️💛💚💙💜💗

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